10 Easy Tactics Generate Free Facebook Traffic

10 Easy Tactics Generate Free Facebook Traffic

10 Easy Tactics Generate Free Facebook Traffic – This is the most amazing technique you’ll ever come across, yet it’s so simple to use. You will be thrilled with the results.

All online business owners know the value of traffic that visits their website. Without a continuous flow of traffic, there will be no business.

One great way to generate a lot of traffic to your blog or website is to become active on Facebook. Over 1 billion people log into Facebook every day; chances are, at least a few of these people will interact with your posts and links.

People often search Facebook looking for specific products or services. If you can find groups that fit your niche market, join that group and you have the perfect targets you need for your business. These people will be the most open to what you are offering.

10 Easy Tactics Generate Free Facebook Traffic

These 10 tips should help you create a fun and financially successful Facebook marketing campaign:

1. Be Brief

People who access Facebook on mobile devices can only see, and write, a specific amount of words. Keeping your posts brief helps you connect with more people. Use wit and humor as a way to engage your readers.

2. Ask Questions

Spend time asking questions to get people to interact with you. People love giving their opinion on any subject, so ask readers what they like about your article, video or image. Trivia questions often get many in the community involved as they try to come up with the correct answer.

Be sure your questions are relevant to the group topic. Give your readers time to come up with answers, and don’t forget to thank everyone for participating.

3. Add Your Links

If you want people to find your website you need to be sure you add links everywhere you can on Facebook. Links can be added to your “About” tab, image and video descriptions, embedded in images, on every page where you ask people to visit your website or blog, on every event page, and a host of other places that you will probably discover on your own.

4. Use Large Images

Facebook allows you to include photos and other images with your posts. Larger images are often more effective than smaller ones. Make your images relevant to the page content, and your post, and do include a link within the image itself.

5. Videos

Facebook fans love watching and sharing videos. Make shorts videos that showcase your business. Using real people interacting with your product is a good way to show people what you are all about. Make the video interesting, and people will be more willing to share it with others.

6. Quotes Get Shared

Read through the content of your blog and pull out a couple of interesting quotes. Make engaging posts for Facebook. Post controversial quotes, instead of generic quotes, and sit back and wait. You will soon see these quotes being shared and liked, again and again.

7. Share Your Tips

Do you have blog posts or other articles that offer helpful tips for your readers? Share these tips by writing a short piece about what can be found on your blog. Then, ask your readers to share – on your blog page – any tips you may have missed. You’ll be surprised at how many people respond to this type of marketing strategy.

8. Share Other People’s Articles

Have you ever read a blog post and thought “Why have I never heard about this before?” Chances are, other people are just as clueless. Sharing relevant articles with your niche group is a wonderful way to get people to see how sincere you are about the group as a whole. Always add the appropriate links back to the original article you posted.

9. Call-To-Action

Adding a call-to-action button in your profile. This button will then be located next to the ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page. You can use this link to direct visitors to whichever page you want them to see, whether it be an email sign-up page, or just general content pages.

10. Have Contests

Facebook fans love contests. You can run a contest on your blog or website, run one on Facebook, or just advertise your website contest on Facebook. Use images and make your contest content interactive. When you promote the contest on Facebook you often generate more shares.

Using these tips and tactics for interactive Facebook posts is almost a guarantee that you will see an increase in traffic to your blog or website. Learn your way around Facebook, and make this massive community work for you.

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