10 Most Important Emotional Triggers in Marketing

10 Most Important Emotional Triggers in Marketing

10 Most Important Emotional Triggers in Marketing. Our daily lives are filled with emotional triggers that we barely even notice. From the commercials we see or read, to the things other people say, emotional triggers get results. Knowing when to use emotional triggers can make or break your marketing campaign.

Knowing what these triggers are, will help you get results:

1. Happiness

Happiness, whether in a video or written in a text based post, is one of the easiest emotions to use. Use happy words and images to make your readers happy.

2. Fear

Most people enjoy a thrilling scare. Some people don’t. You can use this type of scare to put fear in your readers, or you could scare them by insisting they “must act now!” on a deal of the century.

3. Humor

Humor is a much needed emotion in today’s crazy world. Humor in your posts or videos will not only delight your viewers, but will make them more apt to share your content with all their followers.

4. Empowerment

When you use tactics like self-esteem boosters, you can empower your readers with just a few well chosen words. It is not unheard of for a well timed ego booster to be shared and become a viral sensation.

5. Guilt

We have all been victim of a guilt trip: think of those pleas to donate to a charity because it is ‘for the children’. We feel bad if we don’t give and help ‘the children.’ Guilt is used a lot because it really does work.

6. Love & Affection

Most emotional triggers are centered around human relationships. We can understand the love and affection between children and their parents, between siblings, between children and their various grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. We can even recognize love and affection between friends. This universal love is the easiest to recognize, and is the biggest emotional trigger of all.

7. Romance/Sex

We’ve seen the ads where someone is all but making love to some type of food. This type of ad appeals to the fantasy of wanting what the actor is/has. Never mind that most of us will never look like that while eating whatever is being advertised, but we can fantasize.

8. Belonging

As social beings, humans are always seeking to belong. We want to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Tell your potential clients that your customers are treated like family members. Also, give satisfied customers space on your website, and print their letters of satisfaction for others to read. This is a great way to grow your customer list.

9. Surprise & Wonder

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered, “How did they do that?” Make use of images that both surprise your readers, and make them wonder how it was created. Images like this will often have that ‘WOW’ factor you are looking for.

10. Trend-setters

Just as everyone wants to belong to something, most people want to be seen as trendy. Being a trend-setter means that your audience is more likely to go along with whatever you are marketing if ‘everyone else is doing the same thing.’ Tell them this often enough and they will believe anything you say.

Trust, time, competition, leadership, value, and instant gratification are also emotional triggers that can be used effectively. These are a bit harder to work with, but can be incorporated with other emotional triggers to create powerful posts, ads, blogs, or whatever content you aim to create.

10 Most Important Emotional Triggers in Marketing

All these emotional triggers are seen in our daily lives. They work, therefore, they are used. Understanding what emotional triggers are, and how to effectively use them, means you are well on your way to creating a remarkably successful marketing campaign.

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