10 Tips For Marketing Your Business With Facebook Pages

10 tips for marketing your business with facebook pages

10 Tips For Marketing Your Business With Facebook Pages

For every business, there comes a time when it is necessary to start asking yourself this question. ‘Are our marketing strategies working?’ In fact, you probably realized early on that one of the most important questions to consider is ‘How do we get content to the right people?’ Here are 10 tips for marketing your business with facebook pages that you can use.

It’s a good business practice to make sure that people will see your online content before you invest time and money creating it.

With over 1.3 billion active users, there is nothing quite like Facebook when it comes to online marketing opportunities.

As studies have shown, around half of all these active users log in every day. That’s 650 million users waiting to be engaged by interesting and thoughtful content.

These 10 tips for marketing your business with facebook pages provide you a strategy which will grow and nurture your online audience.

1. Create a Profile Page

This is an essential step, so do not get lazy and decide that you are going to fill in the blanks later. If you take care of your profile page now, you will reap the rewards later. You will have an interesting introduction to your company which potential customers can use to get a feel for what you do.

2. Find a Good Profile Image

The ‘cover’ function on Facebook Pages is a fairly recent addition, but it is a useful one. It means that you can now place not one, but two, different images relating to your company on your page. So, you can display a logo and a company graphic, or a logo and a company slogan, etc.

3. Add a ‘Call to Action’

You can use the cover function to incorporate a ‘Call to Action’ message. This is a logo, motif, symbol, or short piece of text which compels or instructs visitors to carry out a particular behavior.


4. Write a Great Bio

This space should be utilized, in essence, in the same way as it is on personal pages. Offer the most pertinent pieces of information about your company.

For example, the year you launched, the primary products and services. Emphasize why you are the best choice for users, and how they can contact you.

5. Include Contact Details

It is absolutely vital that you include your contact details. This means a telephone number, a website URL, and a physical address (if possible).You can also add a fax number if necessary. If users like your page, but do not know how to reach you, they will more than likely give up on the idea.

The 10 Tips For Marketing Your Business With Facebook Pages – Continued

6. Post Regular Status Updates

It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page. You must prove that you are also an active user. Show valuable insights to share, and people will take no notice.

With the vast amount of content posted online each and every minute, it takes a lot of work to stay in the ‘public eye.’ To remain relevant, you must engage your audience.

7. Connect with Facebook Groups

You should use your page to connect with Facebook Groups which share your interests and have some kind of link to your company.

For example, if you sell handbags, one of the best ways to expand your audience is joining, posting, and engaging with fashion groups.

8. Offer Content Every Day

This is tricky. There is a fine line between offering valuable content and offering near constant content with little value. Yet, it is very important that you find a balance between the two.

While you do not want to get a reputation for posting rubbish, you still want to aim for posting two or three times every day.

9. Avoid ‘Spam’ Content

To build upon the last point, you do not want to end up posting advertisement after advertisement. Nothing puts users off quicker than being spammed with promotional material.

Yes, your Facebook Page is primarily designed to attract customers, but social media marketing is not like standard promotion. Success comes from relationships, not pure exposure.

10. Let Others Contribute

You should let others post to your Facebook Page. It offers the chance for a new kind of communication. And it lets your audience know that you care about them as individuals. They must feel that you’re not just courting their affections for the chance of increased profits.

To sum up, these 10 tips for marketing your business with facebook pages provide you actionable steps. Use them to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook pages. Be sure to take action today.

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