5 Top Traffic Generators For Your Website

5 Top Traffic Generators For Your Website

5 Top Traffic Generators For Your Website

Traffic is really the essential key in the success of a business. 5 top traffic generators for your website are particularly true for home-based businesses.

There are 5 essential traffic generation strategies which could prove helpful to home-based online businesses.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO must be used to get the desired traffic. This would require that the website be optimized with the latest SEO specs to get a high web page ranking.

People are constantly searching the web for solutions to their problems. A higher ranked web page would enjoy more traffic since consumers tend to click on search results on the page of Google or other search engines.

Marketers need to optimize their websites so they score well with top search engines to get the desired traffic. Popular search engines frequently upgrade their search algorithms to reward websites that offer quality content.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is a traffic generating which can enhance SEO and increasing traffic to your website. This unique marketing strategy allows businesses from readers who enjoy well written articles, and may be induced to click links to your website.

Readers of quality articles which offer useful insights are likely to stay with the brand or business offering the valuable content. Quality content could increase the chance that the article might be shared with friends. The brand and business could thus enjoys free publicity. The article might even go viral on the web.

3. Pay-per-Click Advertising

One effective method of paid traffic generation for home-based businesses is Pay-per-Click advertising. This approach is effective in generating the desired web traffic since payment is only made when web visitors click on the link which takes them straight to the target website.

This marketing strategies allows small business owners to keep their advertising budget under control while achieving maximum results. This is a powerful marketing strategy which can bring high traffic when monitored properly.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social media marketing reaches popular social media networks that are populated with millions of users. Social bookmarking is growing quickly with reputable services like Digg and Delicious to offer websites and pages with ease.

This platform provides a quick search for preferred sites, and allows faster and easier online purchases or inquiries that benefit online businesses.

Smart marketers should fully employ bookmarking sites and use their services in promoting their brand, business and website. This is a free traffic generation tool which all innovative marketers and business owners should make full use of.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a classic marketing strategy that has withstood the challenges of time and the emergence of new technologies since the advent of the Internet.

Inspite of new tools and technologies which have come along, email marketing has not suffered like other traditional marketing strategies.

In fact, email marketing is usually integrated with other marketing strategies in boosting the impact of promotional efforts resulting in a higher traffic to the target websites.

Email marketing is very effective in generating new and repeat traffic, whether on its own or in in support of other marketing tools.

Webmasters should set up an opt-in page to capture potential email addresses. After obtaining the web visitors’ permission, you can send them relevant and useful information.

When done correctly, these follow up emails will establish a strong relationship with them subscribers. When trust and confidence are established via well designed email marketing campaigns, marketers can introduce product or service offerings that would benefit these consumers.

A higher sales conversion rate is experienced with such opt-in subscribers on the mailing list, and can significantly benefit profits.

However, ethical and professional marketing must be practiced to ensure that subscribers are offered helpful, quality content. They should not be submitted to constant promotions which will inevitably drive them to quickly unsubscribe from the mailing list.


An online business need not worry about competition if it capitalizes on the top 5 traffic generation techniques mentioned above. These traffic generation approaches are easy to adopt without incurring a high expense.

By combining several of these traffic techniques, you could effect a significant boost to your business. There is no hard-and-fast rule in choosing the best methods. Your business objectives, budget and expertise will be a key factor in determining which method to implement.

Creativity and a willingness to think “outside the box” are the key in selecting the right technique to generate high traffic for your online business.

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