5 Ways to Rework Old Blog Posts

5 Ways to Rework Old Blog Posts

If you write content articles for your blog then you must be aware of how search engines work. New material is always replacing the old, pushing your articles down out of viewers’ eyes.

Instead of creating all new articles for your blog, think about improving on what you have already written.

This is a fast process that will put your articles atop the search engines again.

Think about it, you know the subject matter, so it makes sense to take your old articles and transform them into something that contains new and relevant information for your readers.

Here are 5 things you can do to rework those old articles:

1. Improve What’s There

Go through your articles and make improvements to those that are in serious need of it. Are you seeing walls of text? No one enjoys reading these articles and most people will leave such articles unread.

You can remedy this by simply separating thoughts into paragraphs or by turning paragraphs into bullet lists.

Images and videos are always great things to add to your articles, as long as they add to the content. To truly emphasize words or phrases you should use italics instead of all CAPS.

2. Make it Longer

Posts on other blogs should be kept short. However, on your own blog you should make your posts longer in order to keep people reading longer.

Find those short articles and add to them. Give your readers some new information about the subject matter. Add pictures and video. Anything you can do to keep them on your page longer is a plus for you.

3. Change the Title

Many times you think you have written a truly great article, yet it seems to get very little traffic.

The easiest way to fix this is to simply change the title. It sounds so simple, but a bad title will not generate traffic, whereas a fantastic title may cause a traffic jam on your blog.

If your article is superb then don’t touch it. Changing title and subheadings may be all you need to create the next new ‘sensation.’

4. Use Links

Search engines look for web pages that have lots of internal links embedded on their pages. Try linking your relevant articles together in your own blog.

This not only gives your audience a chance to learn more, but it will keep them on your blog longer. Neglecting to use internal links means you are losing out on one of the best SEO traffic generating tools available.

5. Encore, Please

Everyone has that one article that still gets traffic years after it was written. Chances are you have one of your own. Articles that still generate some traffic are perfect for encores.

Sharing it again will refresh memories of those who have already seen it, and will introduce it to a whole new group of people who will soon be reading other posts on your blog.

5 Ways to Rework Old Blog Posts

So armed, you can now rework those old articles and create something new and exciting to share.

Social media is your greatest ally, use that to your advantage and you will soon see old and new traffic heading straight to your blog.

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