6 Tips to Check Whether Your Niche Is Profitable

6 Tips to Check Whether Your Niche Is Profitable

6 Tips to Check Whether Your Niche Is Profitable. When you get a great idea for a website or a blog, before you go very far with it, you need to check whether it can be profitable.

The video below describes 6 tips to ensure your selected niche is profitable, before you commit a ton of resources to it.

The six tips that follow will help you determine whether your new niche idea can be profitable.

1. Evaluate the Level of Competition

Excessive competition can be difficult to overcome. If there are a number of authority websites that have been active in this niche for a long time, they will be tough to beat.

On the other hand, lack of competition is not a good sign either. Do a Google search for the name of the niche you want.

Do you see any ads all around the page? If you see ads, it’s an indication that other marketers have found enough profitability to justify the cost of advertising.

2. Do an Amazon Search

If you type in the name of the niche you are interested in into Amazon, do you find thousands of results, hundreds, or less?

If the largest online retailer doesn’t have many products available for sale in your potential niche, it would be a strong indication that you should look for a more promising niche.

3. Find the Ideal Balance

Go to Google’s Keyword Planner and select “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ads.”

Search for the niche you are interested in using brackets. If you search for [organic dog biscuits] you might find 34,900 monthly results.

You should aim in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 exact match results. This is the ideal range which indicates the niche is viable.

4. Is Your Niche Trendy?

You will find that some topics become popular during certain seasons every year, such as Christmas.

Various markets may be ready to enter a very popular phase, while others which are popular at present may soon fizzle out.

Google Trends is a powerful tool to determine which phase a particular niche may be in, whether up or down.

5. Check Sites Which Sell Information Products.

A sample of the main sites will include JVZoo and Commission Junction. These sites will prove invaluable in checking out whether your proposed niche is viable.

6. Use Technorati.

Make a search on Technorati to find your niche. A significant number of results will validate the viability of your niche.

6 Tips to Check Whether Your Niche Is Profitable

Niche selection is at the top of the list of tasks you must perform when you start your online business. Once you have selected a potential niche, you must make sure it is profitable.

Be sure not to skip this important step in the success of your online business.

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