7 Tips To grow Your Blog With Pinterest

7 Tips To grow Your Blog With Pinterest

7 tips to grow your blog with pinterest; Pinterest has a large following, almost 50 million people are active users every single month! More and more people enjoy Pinterest because they can often find exactly what they want.

This makes Pinterest the perfect place to generate traffic back to your blog. Here are a few tips to get you started on this popular site:

7 Tips To grow Your Blog With Pinterest

1. Create a Board Blog of Your Own

The first thing you need to do on Pinterest is create a board blog of your own. You may already have one created, and that is a great start! Title your board blog with the same title as your blog page. This makes it easy for people to find your articles and blog posts. Use known keywords in your titles and you have a greater change of showing up on the first few pages of search engines.

Now, pin your blog posts to your board. Either use a quote, or write a very brief summary of the article, add a great image, and don’t forget to add a link to your blog article.

2. Your Bio Page

One thing that people will check on Pinterest is your bio page. Be sure your bio describes you well; you want to include your interests as well as what your business is all about. Great bios will have people wanting to read your other articles.

Choose an avatar that depicts your business in some way. Only you can decide just what works. Make it stand out so people can find you super fast and easy.

Go through your account settings and be sure that the ‘search privacy’ setting is opened to all public search engines. The easier it is for people to find you, the more traffic you will see.

3. ‘Pin It’ Button

Be sure to include a ‘pin it’ button on every one of your blog posts. This way, your followers can share with their followers, who will then share it with theirs. Word of mouth – internet style!

4. Participate on Various Boards

Become a major participant on various group boards. These people already have their own followers. Before you join these group boards, be sure you have a few boards of your own. This lets others know you are serious about wanting to contribute.

Find group boards in your niche and ask if you can become a contributor. You could email the board owner, send the owner a private message on Pinterest, or just make a comment on the board owner’s pin and ask if you can contribute to the board.

5. Use Great Pictures

The images you use on Pinterest will determine just how much traffic you get. Great pictures get more re-pins than mediocre ones. You can use images you find online (that are free to use) or you can make your own. Just be sure your image flows with your blog article.

6. Create a Lifestyle Board

Create a lifestyle board and pin with a wide variety of content: household tips, products, articles, and lifestyle images. Be sure these all connect in some way to your business. You want your readers to be entertained as well as informed.

Use strong images that jump out at people, and always include a link to your blog on each image. You want people to relate all your blog articles with your board theme.

7. Engage With all of Your Followers

Spend time engaging with all of your followers. You want these same people to read your blog, so engaging them often will lead them to your pages.

Pin relevant content that is both original and well written. Pin as often as you can; this puts your Pins right in your followers’ faces. Don’t forget to follow those who follow you.

Spending time re-pinning, commenting on, and liking your followers’ pins will show them that you really are watching what they are doing.

Pinterest has moved beyond images. Now the site is filled with a diverse group of people who enjoy the style that is all Pinterest. Use these tips (and search the internet for even more helpful tips) in order to utilize what Pinterest can do for you. If you want to generate traffic to your blog, then you need to keep up with all social networking sites; Pinterest is designed to send traffic all over the web, including your sites.

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