This post is all about me and how I got to where I am today…

Hi, my name is Juan Rademacher, and I am a longtime marketer.

Prior to retirement from corporate America, I spent 30 years working mostly in international marketing.

I traveled the world for close to 25 years, and visited 50+ countries at last count. I made wonderful friends in many different cultures.

International marketing is a specialized area, where you must be keenly aware of cultural differences that are often subtle, while many are obvious. Lack of awareness of these nuances can result in staggering errors.

Internet marketing is also a specialized area, and you must also be aware of factors that are unique to this form of marketing. You ignore these factors at your own peril.

But online marketing is a wonderfully unique endeavour in that its most important driving force is your relationship with your audience, and ultimately with your customers.

Overtime, many of your customers, and people in your general audience become close friends even though they may live on the other side of the globe, and you may have never met face to face.

Through these pages I hope you get to know me, and that I may also have the privilege of getting to know you.

To know Me, you must understand the essence of my personal philosophy:

“What I Want For Myself, I Want For Everybody”