Automate the Pinning Process

Automate the Pinning Process

Automate the pinning process. Imagine you are injured and desperately in need of assistance. You yell “HELP!” once, hoping someone might hear you.

Although it is possible someone might hear you yell, you have a greater chance of receiving that help if you call out again and again.

Now, this is very similar to how it is on Pinterest. When you pin something once and someone might see it. If you pin it dozens of times, someone is most certainly going to see it.

Automate the Pinning Process

Furthermore, one great way to make sure you are pinning often enough is to automate the whole pinning process. ‘Viral Tag’ is a social media market tool that shares visual content for you.

If pinning daily is not your thing, you can spend a few hours a week or a few hours a month planning ahead what images to pin, when to pin them and where.

Of course, Viral Tag helps you schedule your pin times and schedule, and will automatically pin your images according to your set schedule.

These tools work in much the same way as Viral Tag:

  •  BoardBooster
  •  Buffer
  •  Pinvolve
  •  TailWind
  •  ViralWoot

Helpful Pinterest Tips and Tactics

Learning the ins and outs of Pinterest takes time.

However, knowing a few simple tips, tricks, techniques and tactics to show yourself on Pinterest will go a long, long way in building your reputation.

And these will drive a reliable, steady flow of traffic to your business website or blog.

Be More Social

Participate in Pinterest by liking and re-pinning things you enjoy. This lets other users know that you are reading their content and appreciate what they post.

Like most social media sites, Pinterest requires you to become a social butterfly in order to have a successful business payoff.

Use Symbols

You can use the ‘@’ symbol with a user’s name: this informs them that you are speaking to or about them.

Hashtags ‘#’ are normally followed by relevant keywords or phrases related to your niche, and your Pinterest profile topic.

Using symbols helps the Pinterest search engine and fellow Pinterest users find the content they are searching for.

Manners Count

Check often to see if you have any pins recently pinned by another user. Always thank the people who re-pin your pins.

Courtesy works both ways; you want others to thank you, do so yourself.

Don’t Overdo Comments

You want to comment on pins, but be sure you are commenting to add value to the discussion. Never comment just to be seen.

Something to remember is that if you comment too often, and your website or blog URL is always in your posts, you may be abusing your commenting privilege.

If Pinterest feels you are just spamming with excessive comments, they may freeze your account.

Promote Your Pins

Pinterest allows you to promote your pins. This simple method is worth the price you pay, as it guarantees that your pins will get looked at.

Actually, all you need to do is decide where they will be pinned. Furthermore, you simply set up your laser targeted filters so that the people you want to see your promoted pins actually see them.

Of course, there are a number of different options to choose with this handy tool. Go to for more information about setting up laser targeted filters.

Automate the Pinning Process

And finally, Pinterest has a really helpful resource guide that helps business account users get the most out of their Pinterest experience.

Actually this guide, ‘Best Practice Guide’, is free and a valuable resource for any Pinterest user, but designed specifically to help business owners. All you need to do is download the guide (PDF form) here:

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