Avoid Mistakes When List Building

avoid mistakes when list building

Avoid Mistakes When List Building

If you are thinking about putting together a mailing list, you must first realise that size is not everything – no really. Avoid mistakes when list building.

The last thing that you want to do is use every strategy that you can think of in a bid to try and maximize the amount of email addresses added.

This approach could get you a few more short term subscribers, but it could eventually end up causing you problems in the long term.

Keep reading to find out what the most common list building mistakes are and how you can avoid mistakes when list building.

Offering Too Much Too Soon

The classic trick of offering free gifts as an encouragement to sign up to a mailing list can be very effective, so long as you give away the right kind of products.

If you start throwing around freebies which are a little too appealing, you might find that you get a glut of new subscribers who sign up for the free gift and then never consider buying from you.

Then again, if you give away something with no value, you are not going to attract anybody either.

Trying to Handle the Work Alone

It is in the nature of most marketers to want to handle all of the work on their own. Whether to reduce costs or simply to make sure that promotional plans are carried out to the letter, they want to do everything.

However, if you insist on handling everything yourself, you are bound to risk the quality of at least some parts of the job.

To ensure that 100% of the task is of a high quality, get some help when writing landing pages, creating web designs, and putting together optimized content.

Ignoring Your Target Subscribers

The second most common mistake when putting together mailing lists is ignoring the need for a target group of subscribers.

In other words, while it certainly does not hurt to cast your net wide and try and appeal to a broad range of people. The reality is that (like most brands) you will be attractive to a specific type of individual.

The trick to maximizing the value of your mailing list is to identify this target group and then try to establish a relationship with its members via the use of social media platforms.

Avoid Mistakes When List Building But Keep Growing Your List

As a side note, it is very important to take advantage of high quality resources. For example, tools like OptimizePress and UnBounce have the potential to make putting together mailing lists faster and easier – in other words, stay away from Notepad!

If you can avoid these three common marketing errors, your mailing list should expand at a much quicker rate than expected.

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