Banner Ads Tips And Tricks

Banner Ads Tips And Tricks

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Banner Ads Tips And Tricks

Banner Ads Tips And Tricks can show you how to produce surprising results, even tough most marketers think they are no longer effective.

Banner ads, also knows as display ads and image ads, are image advertisements that are found everywhere you go on the internet. Banner ads work well when you are ready to advertise your business. They are cost-effective, and really do drive traffic to your website or blog.

Banner Ads Tips and Tricks For an Old Strategy

The use of banner ads is as old as the internet itself. Long ago you could simply create a banner ad that grabbed everyone’s attention and you would start getting a lot of clicks. The internet traffic was much lighter back in those days.

Now, things are much more competitive online. There are many businesses vying for attention in your niche; you need to create a banner ad that does more than get the attention of your niche audience.

A stand-out banner ad should be relevant to your business and your web site. You want your niche audience to know exactly what you are marketing. Do you remember the well used phrase “Pictures are worth a thousand words”?

In banner ads this phrase should be taken to heart. Make good use of colors and graphics that will enhance your image, and be extra careful with any text you put on the image. Remember, a little can say a lot.

Before creating any banner ad you should think about these options:

Size Considerations For Success

Every website decides what size banner ads they will accept for advertising purposes. The good thing is that many just use the standard size ad banner that has been in use forever.

To be on the safe side, if you have a specific site in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to write and ask them what size banner ads they accept. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash are two programs that can help you find the right size banner you need.

A rule of thumb to remember is that two-thirds of every banner should contain your main image, the remaining one-third is reserved for your specific call to action.

Title Must Grab Your Audience

You want to create a title, or heading, that literally pops out to your niche audience. A short, captivating title should describe your business. Make use of the various fonts and colors available to you: a large, colored title can be a valuable asset on your banner ad.

Position Above The Fold

While you don’t often have control of where your banner ads get placed, you should at least try to get them placed within the content of the web page, above the fold, and close to any content that is especially captivating to your niche audience. This puts your ads in the best spot for the most clicks.

How To Use Banner Ads Effectively

First off, you should always aim to put your banner ads on websites that already serves your niche market. You also want to choose websites that have a lot of traffic flow.

With banner ads it is easy to keep track of the CTR, or click-through rate. A CTR of 15% means that 15 people clicked on your ad in the one hundred times that it was shown. High percentages mean more clicks on your ad banner; effective banner ads means you will generate more clicks and more traffic to your website or blog.

Purchasing Ad Space

You’ve created your banner ad, now it’s time to advertise your blog or website. You should probably just skip the whole time consuming job off finding websites where you can place your banner.

It is easier, and less stressful for you, to hire someone from an advertising network to do this job. These people know their jobs, and will find you some great sites to place your ad.

Google Adwords, Aol Advertising, Right Media and are just some of the networks you can contact to get you started. Ask each network what size ads they are looking for. If your ads fit their category then you are fine.

If you find a network you really like, and they have different requirements for ad size, you want to know this, and deal with the size issue, before you hire them. The more in compliance you are, the smoother the whole process will go.

Be Mindful of Cost

Banner ads can be expensive, but if you spend some time searching, you’ll find some attractive options to get started with. Large advertisers may spend two to four thousands dollars. Higher quality ads can cost a lot more.

The high price of banner ads is what compels most businesses to create an ad that appeals to the masses. The best banner ad campaigns will have you seeing a high ROI. Banner ads tips and tricks are important, if you remember that banner ads are all about the clicks… generate more clicks, you get more customers, and make more money, so that the ad will pay for itself and leave you a profit. It’s that simple.

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