Biggest Mistake in My Online Marketing Career

Biggest Mistake in My Online Marketing Career


Biggest mistake in my online marketing career. Online marketing can be a lucrative endeavor. One thing I have learned while navigating through the online marketing field is that sometimes we can make big mistakes that cost us lost revenue.

Everyone makes some mistakes along the road to success. If you have an online business, and your main purpose is making money, then you need to know about the biggest mistake I made, and how I rectified the problem.

What Was My Big Mistake?

Simply put, I failed to get enough ‘Buy’ buttons out there. Sure, I have them on my main websites and a few other pages.

However, I forgot that if you have multiple products available for sale, you will automatically have lots of ‘Buy’ buttons. It’s as simple as that.

Therefore, not having enough ‘Buy’ buttons simply indicates you don’t have enough product options available for your clients and prospects.

I could put a ton of time and effort into creating the perfect content, but if I don’t make sure I’m creating enough products so that I will have ‘Buy’ buttons everywhere, then no one is going to click those buttons and buy my products.

Most sales people don’t want to push you into buying something you don’t want, but they also cannot always offer free content.

As much as we would like to share all we do for free, we must charge a fee for some content – because paid content is what keeps the bills paid. Thus, a total need for more products with Buy buttons.

Only the truly rich could continuously offer free web content. But, even the rich have paying customers. Paid content also allows one to continue offering some free content.

Through these observations I noted that having a Buy button in as many online locations as possible is a must for any online entrepreneur. It’s an indication of product availability.

Selling Your Expertise

Your target audience should be clicking on your Buy button because they are very interested in whatever solution you are offering them. Your main content should provide them with all the help they need to correct whatever problem they are having.

If your core audience knows that you spent considerable time researching the problem to arrive at your solution, then you probably have something of value that they want to purchase.

Finding a Buy button conveniently handy to where you discuss your breakthrough will have people flocking to purchase your knowledge.

By selling this information, rather than giving it away for free, your target audience knows your information has some kind of special or expert material within. It is only right that this kind of material is paid content.

Give Them Value

Always offer your customers something that is valuable to them because it solves a problem they are struggling with. Go beyond what they are expecting.

Give them a bit more to whet their appetite for more of your paid content. Treat them with kindness and believe in yourself. Know you are offering true value.

Biggest Mistake in My Online Marketing Career

These reasons are why it is so important to place Buy buttons all over the internet: the more times people see the Buy button, the more it increases the odds of them clicking it.

More paying customers will click that Buy button, which means there will be more chances that they will return again and again.

If you have an online business that you hope becomes profitable, then don’t forget that Buy buttons are an indication that you have multiple products available to your customers – they can be the difference between financial rewards or failure.

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