Blog Post Length Best Practices

Blog Post Length Best Practices

When it comes to content, most people assume that less is better. However, it’s been proven that longer content actually works better than shorter articles.

The reason longer content converts more of your audience into paying customers can be broken down into three parts:

1. Longer Content Works Best

If you had the choice between reading a blog with 5 great tips, or 25 great tips, which would you prefer to read? If you searched for these tips, chances are you are going to want to read the blog with the most tips.

The extra 20 tips give you more information, hence more value for the time you put into reading. Adding value like this to your posts is just a bonus for you and your readers.

All content you write should add value to your pages. You want to be sure your audience is entertained, and informed, while reading your content. Give them whatever solutions you can to help them solve a variety of problems.

Let them know that they will find great value, and the help they need, in all your articles. Getting your core audience to acknowledge that you know your stuff is the main reason you want to write longer content.

Once you reach this point of acknowledgement, you know you have succeeded in hooking your readers. Never underestimate the power of your own credibility – use it to tap into the minds of your prospects.

Not only does longer content give you more value, it helps build your reputation. When you consistently prove that you, and your business, are reliable and credible, your readers will be more apt to spend their time browsing and buying on your website.

2. Opportunity To Share More

When you aim for longer content you know you can write more about your personal brand and business. This is a good way to really let your prospects and customers get to know the people behind the words.

Share personal stories that relate to the niche market. Share customer comments in your articles. Doing so lets your readers know that you do read, and consider, what they have to say.

There is no limit to what you can write about, just keep it relevant to your market and your readers will love it.

Think about those short 500 word articles; they have their place on some blogs, and in email, but you can’t really get to the heart of any subject with that many words.

To convert a prospect, you need to write longer content to draw them further into it.

Converting prospects into subscribers or customers is your end goal. Using longer content is the means to reach this goal.

The more you write, the more they will learn about what makes you, and your business, tick. When you build trust with your readers, you make it easy for them to convert.

3. Call to Action

Writing longer content gives you plenty of opportunities to drop your links in the appropriate spots. Always leave ‘call to action’ links whenever you write any size article.

Longer content articles just give you extra opportunities to leave links that lead directly back to your website or blog.

One last thing to consider when you write your long content is the idea of reciprocation. The idea of giving and receiving is not new.

New subscribers love getting free things, offer them something, possibly an e-book related to one specific area in your niche market, and they are more apt to come back and buy your product or services.

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