Tips When Choosing Pinterest Board Names That Get Free Traffic

Choosing Pinterest Board Names That Get Free Traffic

Choosing Pinterest board names that get free traffic. You should never just randomly choose names for your boards.

Google, like most search engines, looks first at your image, graphic or picture to capture the words you put on them.

These words are used to create the URL for your backlink.

So, it’s important for you to choose only keywords and phrases that are relevant to your market or niche to use as your image captions and board names. This is applicable to pin names and descriptions as well.

This video shows you how to select the best board names to maximize the traffic you get from Pinterest. Be sure to watch it now…

Let’s say you have a website about cooking the perfect pasta dishes. You create names like “spaghetti and meatballs”, “how to make pasta from scratch.” Plus, any others you can think of that relate to your topic of cooking the perfect pasta.

Use the important keywords, such as pasta and types of pastas, as descriptions in all your pins.

Using your keywords and phrases shows the Pinterest, Google and other search engines exactly what your blog, website or business is about.

This really is the easiest way to make use of Pinterest for free, and target your specific audience while increasing your ranking on Google and Pinterest.

Share Your Pinterest URL

After you connect to your Pinterest account, click on the ‘person’ icon up in the right hand corner. This takes you to a page that shows every board you have created.

The URL on this page is what you need to share with everyone on all your other social media sites: this is the link that brings them back to your Pinterest homepage.

Copy the URL in the browser address bar onto these other social media sites.

You’ve already learned about using relevant keywords, your business name or your website name as your Pinterest username.

Pinterest uses this user name as part of the URL it creates for you. This user name is part of the URL from your homepage, which has all your boards on it.

If you want people to go to a specific board, go to that board and copy that URL and use it instead of the one from your homepage.

How to Pin on Your Boards

First, you want to install the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ bookmark. Simply follow the instructions on this page to install:

This bookmark lets you add content from anywhere on the internet directly to your Pinterest boards. This handy tool lets you do so in a quick and easy way.

All it takes is a few clicks and you will soon see the ‘Pin It’ button on your toolbar.

If you see something you want to share while you are browsing around the internet, all you need to do is click on your ‘Pin It’ button and follow the simple instructions.

When you add descriptions, focus on using your keywords and phrases. You should also focus on any subtopics that are relevant to your website, blog or business.

Pinning can become addictive; just remember to stay focused on your specific niche and overall goals.

Choosing Pinterest Board Names That Get Free Traffic

If your blog, website or business is about cooking the perfect pasta dishes, stay with topic. And don’t pin content on “baking the best pies,” “how to make perfect potatoes,” or “growing a garden.”

These might interest you as you find them, but they will only confuse the various search engines. They show images that are not in focus with your business or your Pinterest profile.

An Alternative Way To Pin

Another way to Pin is to add the web address of the piece you want to pin on your board. Go to your main Pinterest homepage profile and click on ‘Pins’.

Click the red + sign and choose ‘Save from the Web’. Next, you enter the URL of the page you want to pin.

You can do this manually, or you can click on and copy the URL from the page you want and paste it in the appropriate place, then choose your image.

Finish by adding your description, remembering to use relevant keywords and phrases. Not as easy as just clicking ‘Pin It’, but with practice it gets easier.

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