Choosing The Right Niche for You

Choosing The Right Niche for You

What I Learned Today About Internet Marketing – Choosing The Right Niche for You

It sounds like such an overused reminder, but the fact is that selecting the right niche is extremely important to the success of your online business.

And you should select a niche that’s right for you. This mean that the niche should be related to a subject you are deeply interested in.

There are three issues that should be addressed to answer this question.

1. There Must Be Sufficient Interest in the Subject, and There Must Be Buyers

You want both interest on the part of your audience, and a good number of them must be buyers. If people are spending money, you have an opportunity to make a profit by providing products and services.

A safe plan is to get into an evergreen niche. You will find plenty of evergreen niches. Typical examples would be Forex trading, how to lose weight, and dating. These are sure long-term winners, thus evergreen niches.

These niches have been around for a long time, and will continue to draw customers for many years in the future.

2. You Need a Narrow Niche

The broad niches appeal to huge audiences, and because of this they are extremely competitive, with many entrenched competing websites. It would be very difficult and costly to try to make your way in these niches.

By doing a Google search you can find alternative keywords people are searching, which narrow down the number of participants in these niches.

For example, the “lose weight” niche has 69.9 million results on Google. That’s a lot of competition. Yet most beginners fall pray to this trap.

They are blinded by the idea that there is great demand, which is true. However, there is also very tough competition from established websites with deep pockets.

They are drawn by the popularity of a niche without taking into consideration that millions of other marketer are also drawn to them. Most of us made this mistake when we first started out online.

Unfortunately, you eventually wake up to the harsh reality after lots of wasted time and frustration.

However, “lose weight teenage girl” has only 905 thousand search results. You can see that this narrower niche is a much more manageable, from a competitive standpoint.

3. It’s Most Important That The Niche Be Right For YOU!

Even though not crucial to your success, you will be much happier, and have a greater chance of success in a niche you really like. It’s about being able to follow your passion.

Since this is your passion, it’s most likely that you are already an expert in this field. After all the years of reading and studying about this topic, you are a qualified expert.

When you are an expert, people are drawn to your writing. People like to follow an expert.

Choosing The Right Niche for You

Best of all, it will be easy for you to write and communicate your knowledge and expertise to your audience. It’s quite likely that you will become the go-to person in your niche.

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