Creating a Second Pinterest Account

Creating a Second Pinterest Account

Creating a second pinterest account. If you are not planning on promoting your business on Pinterest then there is no reason for you to have anything more than a personal account.

The video below provides an easy to follow tutorial of how to set up a business account on Pinterest. Be sure to watch it now.

If you do plan to promote your business, then you should definitely choose a business account. Business accounts offer more features than personal accounts do; one such helpful feature is analytics.

Personal Account Into a Business Account

A simple way to convert your personal account into a business account is to simply visit this page: and follow the instructions.

Newcomers to Pinterest should first create an individual account before doing anything else. Then switch this account over to a business account after learning the ropes.

It is not hard to learn how to pin and re-pin, but it does take time to learn about the workings of the site. It is much better to make mistakes as an individual than on your business account.

However, you don’t need to worry that mistakes can’t be corrected on your business accounts – they can be.

The main reason you should start with an individual account is that learning the ropes first will help you handle your business account in a much more efficient and effective manner.

Working on Your Profile

After you get your account activated, you need to work on your profile. With most individual accounts, your name is usually your profile name.

To promote your business, use your business name (or even your business website) as your user name. Your bio should include any keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, blog or website.

Always put your logo in your bio, and add a few lines that best describe your business. Do add any information that is related to your business.

Privacy Settings

Next, you must take care of your privacy settings. Look for the box labeled ‘Search Privacy’; next to that is another box labeled ‘Hide your profile from search engines.’

Be sure you check NO on this latter box, or no search engine will be able to find you or your profile.

Find, or take, a nice headshot of yourself. You should be smiling, and the picture should look professional (although it does not need to be taken by a professional photographer.)

Confirm Yourself as Owner

The next step is to confirm yourself as owner of your business blog or website. This step can be tricky, as one must know the technical steps involved.

If you are lost, the good people on will help you complete this task in no time. For five bucks you can’t go wrong!

This is the official Pinterest page in which you verify your website URL.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and you won’t mess up.

‘About’ Section

Now it is time to write your ‘About’ section. With a 200 character limit, you need to really think about what you want other people to know.

Be creative and inventive, make people remember you and your business with just a few well thought out words. Always include those keywords and phrases that are relevant to your particular niche.

Don’t forget the all important link back to your business website or blog.

The “Settings’ tab is where you will add your business site URL. This will create a hyperlink directly to your web pages, providing you with free traffic.

‘Publish Activity to Facebook Time Line.’

You will also have the option to ‘Publish activity to Facebook time line.’

Always choose this option as doing so automatically updates your Facebook time line when you add a new board or pin on Pinterest. You can also connect Twitter accounts the same way.

Be sure to click on ‘Save Profile’ before leaving the setting page. This page is always available for editing and updates; just be sure to save any changes you make.

How to Create Boards and Make Them Public or Private

Are you ready to make some business boards?

You can make personal boards on your business account. These can be made private for your eyes only. However, you probably joined Pinterest to get some extra exposure for your business.

Therefore, you are going to want most of your boards to be public. Learning how to make boards private or public is easy.

First you need to create the board. Once logged into your Pinterest account, click the + sign that is next to your user name. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Create a Board.’

Using your important keywords and phrases, come up with a great name (title) for your board. Be sure these boards are sub-topics and sub-niches of what is included in your blogs or website pages.

Next, from the drop down menu, choose a category in which to place your board.

Creating a Second Pinterest Account

The last thing you need to do is decide if your board is going to be private or public. If you want a public board, then you need to choose ‘no’. Private, or secret, boards are hidden from anyone but you.

And that is it! Creating boards on Pinterest really is that easy.

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