Creating An Irresistible Opt In Offer

Creating An Irresistible Opt In Offer

Creating an irresistible opt in offer…If you have never created an opt-in freebie, download or video, there is no need to start freaking out. This is much easier to do than you may believe. When creating an opt-in bribe, always think quality instead of quantity.

A 1-page checklist that teaches a successful process and makes a system pain-free for your subscribers will always work better than a 5-hour video series for building your list.

Before we create your value-rich and enticing opt-in product, let’s dig a little deeper into the word “bribe”. You no doubt have negative connotations attached to that word.

Overcoming Negative Connotations

When you hear of someone caught bribing someone else, it is usually not a positive experience that is being reported. However, when building your list, “bribing” people to subscribe is absolutely essential.

Here’s Why

Psychologists will tell you about the Law of Reciprocity. Put in simple terms, most people believe they should give you something if you give them something of value.

The more value you provide with your gift, the more indebted that person feels towards you.

Provide a problem-solving, time-saving, profit-making opt-in bribe and your list subscribers will happily let you market to them through their email address.

Generate Trust

In many cases, this single list building tactic gets subscribers in an unconscious mindset of trusting you and liking you as well.

You have just given a total stranger something that can solve a big problem in his or her life. Then over the course of your next few emails, you are going to provide even more free value.

This is what makes an opt-in freebie so powerful. You give someone something of value, and they have given you nothing more than an email address.

They unconsciously feel compelled to open your emails, and listen to your marketing messages.

Creating Your Freebie

Chances are you have written an email. That means you know how to compose an online message. Creating a freebie is nothing more than that. Gear your opt-in freebie to your business, and laser focus it to your marketplace. Make sure it solves a big problem, saves time, makes money or delivers some other reward for a potential subscriber in your niche.

Everyone Has Different Skill Sets

You may be very good at creating online videos. Perhaps you can write persuasive copy. Maybe you have a gift for explaining intricate processes in very simple terms. Whatever your particular skills, choose from the following list of top types of opt-in bribes.

  1. List of resources
  2. Video course
  3. Webinar
  4. Checklist
  5. Actionable blueprint
  6. Special report
  7. Interview
  8. White paper
  9. Tele-seminar
  10. Downloadable MP3 file
  11. Email course
  12. E-book
  13. One-on-one coaching session
  14. Free consultation or audit
  15. Cheat sheet
  16. Template
  17. Plug-in
  18. Free software
  19. A physical product
  20. An important case study

Don’t kill yourself here. Also, don’t take a lot of time. You already know important, valuable, problem-solving information that your market is dying to hear.

Open up a Word or Open Office document and write down a list of Top 25 Resources that make the life of someone in your target audience easier. Select the option for saving your content as a PDF to make it look professional. Write a cheat sheet, template or checklist, or record a short video. Whatever opt-in bribe you create, make sure it delivers tons of value and is actionable.

The “Content Upgrades” Strategy

In the past, most bloggers and online marketers would create one freebie – usually an eBook – and add a link to subscribe for that freebie in their blog sidebar. That worked, for a time, but things have now moved on.

Today, people are having more success using the “content upgrades” strategy of multiple freebies. The idea is that you create several small freebies that are super-targeted towards the content of a blog post.

Here’s an Example:

  • You have a very detailed blog post about growing herbs indoors. It’s useful all by itself, however you offer an extra “upgrade” to the content – a free watering tips cheat sheet – for those who choose to sign up to your email list.
  • You have a different blog post all about growing your own tomatoes. It includes lots of useful information, but again you offer an “upgrade” for those who subscribe to your email list – a mini eBook that teaches readers how to store their tomatoes when they grow too many to possibly eat at once.
  • In both cases, you link to the free “upgrade” multiple times throughout the most. Most bloggers do this with a simple yellow or brightly-colors button, like this example from the LeadPages blog – see it in action here:

Does This Sound Overwhelming?

Don’t worry! The key is to start with just one content upgrade. Put your effort into creating a really useful blog post and then make it even more useful with a content upgrade.

Some blog posts won’t be as “epic” and they won’t have their own specific content upgrade. That’s fine! Save your content upgrades for your truly epic and valuable blog posts, and then focus your efforts to drive traffic to those posts specifically (see the next section for more about that).

Delivering Your Freebie

This is where your autoresponder software comes in. You will use your autoresponder service to create a Thank You email. In this email, you include a link where your subscriber can go to consume or download their opt-in gift.

Where do you put your bribe? You build a specific page on your website for it.

Whether you use WordPress, some blogging platform or another website building system, you can “hide” pages and posts. Place your template, checklist, cheat sheet, video or other opt-in bribe on a dedicated page on your website.

Avoid Unauthorized Access

Then you check the option for hiding that content from search engines. This keeps people from being able to download your freebie without joining your email list.

Grab the URL where your opt-in bribe is located. Head over to your autoresponder.

Thank You Email

Create an email that thanks your customer for joining your newsletter or list. In that email, tell them how frequently you will be contacting them, and what they can expect.

Include the URL link to your opt-in freebie. Some autoresponder services will also host your opt-in bribe for you, so you don’t have to put it on your website or blog.

Creating An Irresistible Opt In Offer

This Thank You email is the first in your autoresponder series.

Make sure you include links back to your opt-in form or landing page and ask your new subscriber to share on social media. This can turn 1 new subscriber into 2 or 5 or 10 quickly.

You should create several more follow-up emails that go out every 2 or 3 days, or at least once a week.

This is where you begin delivering even more value, offering a value-rich, problem-solving promotion or sale every 3 or 4 emails.

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