Creating Great Signup Forms to Your Blog

Creating Great Signup Forms to Your Blog

Creating great signup forms to your blog. Many times blog or business owners think about how to increase sign ups to their websites, only they never get past this stage because they think they need to know how to use coding.

Knowledge of a lot of technical stuff is not a requirement for creating great signup lists. Most people can increase their sign ups knowing a few tips to get them started.

Try these tips, and results should follow:

Make Your Call to Action Button “POP”

Examine your website and you will see that you have a very busy page of information. Finding your call to action button can be difficult if it is hidden with a bunch of other links. If this button doesn’t POP right out to your readers, they will never click on it.

Look at the colors on your page and choose a color that is not already represented. This makes the call to action button stand apart from all the others. Use a larger button with a different font and a style all its own.

Place this button where your readers cannot miss it. Doing so will give you a much greater chance of getting the sign ups you want. Be sure the call to action button looks natural on your page; if it looks too out of place, your readers may bypass it.

Use Popups For Your Signup Forms

We have all been to websites that have a window pop up before we even get started. These windows are called modal windows and they are designed to shade out the page below so that you focus on the popup.

Most often these modal windows are a call to action to either sign up for a newsletter, or to subscribe to the blog or website. Using modal windows increases sign up rates by over 50%.

Always Use The Shortest Signup Forms

Think about the times you signed up for something online; do you like long forms, or short and to the point forms?

Most people prefer not having to give their life history just to sign up to a website. Keep things as simple as possible: use a modal window that asks for a name and email.

Anything else can come later. The trick is to get people to sign up; make it easy for them and they will be more than happy to do so.


The best way to keep your call to action button in plain view all the time is to include a left-hand side bar. Readers prefer sidebars because they are quick, easy, and super convenient.

All your links can be seen at a single glance, making it easy for your target audience to browse your website.

Don’t Forget Those Smartphones

QR (Quick Response) Codes are everywhere these days. QR Codes are those small square black and white boxes on various things that look like bar codes. These can be quickly scanned to take a person directly to your website, where they can easily sign up.

Plan Contests

People love to play games and be entertained. Plan concerts periodically to keep people coming back and to create more sign ups. Incentives like games and freebies are always welcomed by readers of all ages.

Creating Great Signup Forms to Your Blog

Think about the audience you wish to grab, and cater to what they want and need. Make sure you create a call to action button that is easy to find, and easy to use. If you incorporate these tips in the designs of your page, you will soon see the sign ups you so desire.

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