Driving Traffic From Forums

Driving Traffic From Forums

Driving Traffic From Forums

Driving Traffic From Forums is an old strategy that still produces great results. There is no shortage of forums online. You probably already are part of forum communities related to your own business, hobbies and the content of your own websites and blogs. There are many tricks to generating traffic to your pages. These tips should help you generate instant traffic to your site:

Be an active participant in the forums you visit

The more you post, the more traffic you will get. Try to post something at least once a day, even if it is just one sentence. Aim for a few posts each day; this is one way to keep your name in the public’s eye.

Start new threads

Start new threads with relevant information that pertains to your business or service. Popular threads seem to generate a lot of comments and drives more traffic to your site. Starting threads makes you more visible, and is one way to become a valuable, contributing member of the forum.

Don’t be afraid to respond to old threads

Often times older threads will have a lot of posts. When you add a new post, those who are still active posters will receive a notice that a new post has been added to the thread. The old thread moves to the top of the page, and your name is there for all to see.

Write positive, uplifting posts

No one likes an arrogant or negative poster, and lack of responses proves this to be true. Remember that some people may be new to the current topic, while other people may have a lot of experience. Keep things light and friendly, even if you do encounter those negative posters.

Try to keep your posts short and sweet

Some people skim right past long posts. If you want to be heard, keep your posts to a few short sentences. Always add quality posts that inform your readers.

Help to solve a problem

The main reason people go to forums is because they are looking for help to solve a current problem. Teach – don’t preach: no one likes posters who constantly self promote. Help other people by answering their questions in a timely and friendly manner.

Don’t add excessive links

This is another form of self promotion that turns readers off. You can add links in other ways.

Add a link in your signature

Some forums allow signatures, some don’t. For those that do allow them, be sure to take advantage of this free advertising. Adding a link in your signature that leads straight to your blog is just one way to direct traffic to your pages.

Driving Traffic From Forums

Use of a blog feed

Another way to add a link is through the use of a blog feed. This is simply a way for readers to see you have new posts or content on your blog. Readers can subscribe to this feed and your link will lead them directly to your content.

Link back to your own websites

Forum profiles are also an excellent place to put a link back to your own websites. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to generate even more traffic. People enjoy putting a face to the name, so be sure to add a current picture of yourself (which can be used as your avatar) to your profiles. Don’t be shy about sharing your life with your readers. You want people to see you as a friendly, open poster, unafraid to share yourself with others.

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