Do You Need Email List Sign Up Incentives?

Email list sign up Incentives

Do You Need Email List Sign Up Incentives? Have you ever thought about why there is such an obsession about offering freebies? It’s as if potential customers need something for free as a way to build your subscriber or email lists.

While you may think giving your content or products away would cost you money, it achieves the opposite effect: giving freebies brings in more business.

Designing a product and bringing it to fruition, or creating great content means putting considerable time and effort into the creative process. So why should you just give it away for free? Because it makes everyone involved feel good!

When someone gives you an unexpected compliment or a gift you probably feel pretty special. You probably also admire and respect the one who gave you this unexpected pleasure. Gratitude and thankfulness are probably also running through your mind.

Law of Reciprocity

Your subconscious is already working on ways to repay your benefactor. This is due to your brain being wired to return the favor. This is called the “Law of Reciprocity.” This law makes those who receive a compliment or gift feel like a favor is owed in return.

This “Law of Reciprocity” is the main reason email list sign up incentives, giving away free content or products helps build email or subscriber lists. It really works!

People are more willing to give you or your services a try if you give them a sample of what else they can expect from you. Give them something for free and they will be happy to sign up immediately.

Give Them The Answer to a Problem

Whatever freebie you offer, be sure it helps your prospects in some way; you want to give them the answer to a problem they may not even be aware of.

Whatever you give, make sure it also has value to your prospective customers; it can be something as simple as a checklist, or a physical product they can try for themselves.

Gratitude and Respect

Each recipient will be filled with gratitude and respect for your kind gesture, thus assuring you that they will follow the “Law of Reciprocity” and be a paying customer in the near future.

Now that you understand how free give-a-ways bring in a profit, it is time to get busy and create something that prospective clients or customers can really use.

You know your niche market inside out; you know how to create content and products that have value to other people; now, your website is ready for you to reach out and capture your core market group.

Videos Have High Perceived Value

Create that checklist, or write a beginner’s guide or short report related to your market. Save these on PDF files for future use. Videos that are less than 2 minutes long are also a good marketing tool.

Next, integrate your PDF files and videos with the autoresponder, and you have an effective way to build your lists automatically.

Email List Sign Up Incentives

While you may never have thought about giving something away to make money, you now know that the “Law of Reciprocity” is a campaign that really works.

Those businesses that give freebies at sign-up have more subscribers than businesses who offer nothing to join. Why not give it a try, and find out for yourself that this simple law really does work.

I promise, if you give email sign up incentives, you won’t be sorry.

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