Emotional Triggers Convert Leads to Customers

Emotional Triggers Convert Leads to Customers

Emotional Triggers Convert Leads to Customers. Using Facebook is a great way to have live conversations with people currently on site. Having the ability to discuss current events as they happen can be a very effective marketing tool.

Especially if you know that you can make use of a wide variety of emotional triggers while doing so. Learning where, and when, to use emotional triggers is just as important as knowing what emotional triggers exist.

Use The Daily News To Find Emotional Cues

Every four years the people in the United States vote for a new president. Election years are naturally going to be filled with many highs and lows – on both sides. Emotions run the gamut right up through the final election in November.

If you can take your cues from the current emotional responses of your fan base, and write to this audience, playing upon their emotions, you will write more effective posts.

Life is filled with constant highs and lows. The trick is to learn what these triggers are, and how to apply them to your potential customer base.

You can create a marketing calendar by charting the emotional cues gathered from observing the behaviors, and emotional responses, of your readers. Creating this calendar will help you see – at a glance – what emotional responses are trending at all times.

Perfect Storm

Writing content that triggers an emotional response is easy if you understand how your audience reacts on any given day. Most women feel great about themselves on Thursdays. This could be due to the fact that another week is nearly done, and it feels great to be alive.

Conversely, women deal with a ton of emotional negativity on Monday. Knowing this, you can write ego boosting posts on those negative days, and give them a post or video on Thursday that helps them build upon their positive self image.

Tantalize All Senses

Although we cannot smell through our computer screen, the image of chocolate chip cookies can easily evoke the smell and taste of their goodness, especially when they just come out of the oven, all soft and oozing melted chocolate chips .

Use descriptive words and images in your posts to tingle each of the five senses. You can use video and photos to delight the eyes, music to enhance the audio effect, and images like fresh-baked cookies to tempt those senses that cannot truly be reached online. The more emotion you put into your posts, the better chance that they will be shared.

Emotional Triggers Convert Leads to Customers

Posts that go viral do so because they evoke a variety of different emotional responses. It takes time to chart emotional triggers, but the time is worth it when you can use this information to create content that gets the response you specifically aimed for.

You can use these emotional highs and lows to advance your cause, directing your readers to further pursue further actions. Your customers, and potential customers, will never know that you used emotional triggers to direct their actions.

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