Exact Model For Building Easy Information Business

Exact Model For Building Easy Information Business

The key to this information business model lies in it’s simplicity.

You have no doubt heard that the gurus often add unnecessary detail to their products. They do this to make simple concepts more complex.

The objective is to make their products appear more valuable so they can sell them for a higher price.

Information Business Model

One of the most popular, long-standing information business models consists of a squeeze page, plus one or more high quality giveaway items.

The high quality and usefulness of the giveaway items convince people they must have these free items. So they are willing to give their email address in exchange for them.

The next item in the model is a blog. The blog is without a doubt the most important part of the model.

Why a Blog

The blog is a vital part of the model. It is used to train prospective customers and existing customers. It can be used to provide news about the niche you are featuring, and it can be used to sell products and services.

The video that follows outlines a basic strategy of helping your customers, and as a byproduct, driving your online business to success.

Thus the blog is both a teaching tool and a selling tool. A different function of the blog is to drive traffic to any offers you may be promoting.

Email Series

The third part of the model is emails which you use to get prospects and customers to know, like and trust you.

Another function of the emails is to present and describe products you have available for sale.

As you progress in your Internet marketing experience you will have more and more products available for sale, and as your traffic increases you will enjoy more and more profits.

Driving Traffic to the Model

So from this point on in the model, your emphasis will be on driving increasing amounts of traffic to your squeeze page, and to your blog.

As you progress in your Internet marketing experience, the number of products you have available for sale will grow. You will eventually have 5, 10, or 20 products.

Most likely, you will eventually “retire” old products to make room for new, more up-to-date versions.

In spite of all this, the basic information business model will remain the same: simple and effective.

There is nothing new in this model. It has been around for a long time, and it is still widely used because: IT WORKS!

Model Outline

To summarize, here’s a brief outline of the model parts:
– a squeeze page, or landing page, as it is also known, one or more valuable free gits
– the blog
– follow up informational and sales emails

There will be a lot of other parts, but they will all represent promotional material aimed at selling the products and services offered.

And to build mailing lists of prospects and customers. There will most likely be advertising copy, and teaching and selling videos.

Exact Model For Building Easy Information Business

As you can see, it’s a very simple concept. Nevertheless, it’s powerfully effective.

Numerous online fortunes of all sizes were hatched through this basic business information model.

You should learn it well.

You should implement it.

And who knows, you may make a fortune with it as well.

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