Facebook Paid Advertising Options

Facebook Paid Advertising Options

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Facebook Paid Advertising Options

Advertising on Facebook involves more than just posting about your business, it becomes your business. With over a billion users, you can’t find a more cost effective way to generate traffic to your website or blog.

Getting Started

First off, you need to create your business page on Facebook. Once you have completed the set-up process, scroll down and click on the button that says “create ad.” You will be taken to the ‘Advertise on Facebook’ page; here you will learn how the process works.

Find, and click, the ‘create and ad’ button. Here Facebook shows you the advertising options available. Choose ‘Clicks to Website’, then enter the URL to wherever you wish to send your specific traffic. You could create a special landing page for this traffic, or you could just direct them to your homepage.

Entering your URL directs Facebook to go through all your images and information currently on your website. Facebook then gives you the option of using an image found on your page, or one you upload yourself. You want your image to catch people’s eyes with just a quick glance.

Once you have chosen your image you are ready to create that eye-catching ad. Be sure you link your ad to the right page. If you are logged on your Facebook Business page, then Facebook will automatically set it up for you.

Create a compelling headline, otherwise Facebook will just use the title tag from any page you are trying to promote. Make your headline say more than what is in that title tag: your headline could be similar to “Want milk?” Under that is a text line where you can write, “Learn more about the benefits of dairy products; click here.”

Seeing The Ad

Put your ad on your news feed to see what it looks like. You want your image to be sharp and clear, with a headline that pops out at you. Whether you choose to use the ad in the right-column ad space, or put it people’s news feed is up to you. For now, you just want to make sure the ad looks perfect to you. If you don’t like what it says, go change it. Facebook will do a live update as you are working on the ad. Once it looks perfect to you, you are on to the next step.

Create Your Audience

Choose a location to target. Are you a small, local business, with a real store to visit? Then you might just want to target your specific zip code. Other businesses may want to target a single city and/or the regions surrounding it. Others may want to target the United States, or even the world. You should know where your target audience is, and advertise to this group. Whether you are looking for traffic, customers or conversions, targeting your niche audience will give you the best results.

Age and Gender

Facebook allows 13 year old teens to create an account. If you want to target this age group, that is fine, just know that some things cannot be marketed to young users. People 22 – 24 might be a good age range to use if you want to target those just getting started in their working life. Those over 40 would be a great age group to market higher priced items. You know your business and customers, so determining the age range for your products or services should not be too hard.

Maximizing Facebook Paid Advertising Options

Also, to maximize the effectiveness of Facebook paid advertising options, take into consideration whether you are targeting males or females exclusively, or if your target is both genders.

There is a lot to learn about paid Facebook Ads. This is just half of what it takes to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook. The next part will explain how to get the audience you need to actually see your ad, and how the cost of ads is calculated.

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