Forum or Facebook Group – Which Is Best?

Forum or Facebook Group


Facebook reminds me of a cocktail party; many people gather in one area and the conversations are varied.

It’s easy to leave links on every Facebook post you create.

Forums are online ‘rooms’ filled with people discussing different topics. Forums are a great place to find people who share similar interests.

Some forums allow signatures, making it easy for you to leave a link that sends traffic to your website or blog.

Both places allow you to make contact with people who either share an interest with you. Some are looking to understand what your message is all about.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Both are terrific places to help drive traffic to your blog or website.

Therefore, if you want to drive that traffic more efficiently you need to know the differences between these two social media hangouts.

Creating a Facebook Group Page

You probably already have a personal Facebook page. Creating a Facebook group page is just as easy as creating that personal page. It is something most people can do in less than 5 minutes.

With access to over 1.25 billion people around the world, it is obvious why connecting on Facebook is such a big deal.

Social internet forums are hard to set up and hard to manage. If you have never created an online forum, you should probably seek help from someone who knows how to do so.

While you won’t be read by as many people, you will have the potential to reach people who want exactly what you have to offer.

Visit Forums For Specific Topics

People who frequent online forums do so to discuss specific marketplaces, niches, or topics.

They generally stay on topic throughout the discussion. Content you post on a forum will always be available to readers.

Facebook group pages may be about a specific topic, but people never seem to stay on the topic in the discussions.

Many Conversations Going On

You soon find there are numerous conversations going on between different groups of people.

One drawback with Facebook posts is how quickly your words end up being scrolled right off the page.

Most people aren’t going to scroll down to see what they might have missed.

Starting your own Facebook group will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Unless you know how to create an online forum, it is going to cost you money to get the job done.

Control – Facebook Group vs Internet Forum

When it comes to control over your Facebook group vs your internet forum, you are going to have less control with Facebook.

Facebook has a habit of changing rules whenever they feel like doing so. If you don’t like the changes, and dare to complain, you might find yourself with a closed Facebook group.

When you create a forum you are the manager of those rooms. Just as you have control over the content of your own blog or website, you have complete control over online forums you create.

It’s your choice to sell advertising space or not. Facebook doesn’t give you the option, they place their own ads.

Forum or Facebook Group – Which Is Best?

Taking advantage of both social media areas of the internet will certainly drive traffic to your website or blog.

Facebook and forums may serve different people and purposes, but both are filled with potential clients. Join both and become a part of the group; the traffic will drive itself.

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