Getting The List Building Process Set Up

Getting The List Building Process Set Up

Getting the list building process set up is important. If you don’t get your system in place, you will never get started.

In a nutshell, here’s what you do. You create something of value. You give it away to people in exchange for their email address, and the right to send them emails in the future.

That is really all there is to building a list, at least theoretically.

First Step

This first step in your simple 5 step list building course to fast 100 subscribers cover the nuts and bolts side of getting set up properly.

As mentioned above, you only need a few simple things.

  1. You absolutely must open an account with an autoresponder service.
  2. You need a value-rich, problem-solving freebie to give away in exchange for email addresses.
  3. Then you need somewhere on the web to place your opt-in box, opt-in form and/or landing page.

What Is an Autoresponder Service?

This may seem extremely basic to more advanced readers. But there are others who are new to these concepts. They need a solid understanding of this process.

An autoresponder service is a piece of software or program which allows you to quickly send an email to your entire list.

The most effective way of doing this is by setting up an autoresponder series. You create 5 or 10 or 25 or however many email messages you want to go out.

Then whenever someone signs up to your list, they automatically receive email. The 2nd email goes out a certain amount of time after the first email.

The same happens with the 3rd and the 4th and every other email in your autoresponder series.

You can see how powerful this is

Once your autoresponder series is set up, it automatically sends emails to anyone who subscribes to your email list. This is done in a predetermined schedule.

No matter what time of the day or night, an autoresponder will do the majority of your email marketing for you.

Send Out Broadcasts

You can also send out broadcast messages. These are one-time emails you create and send through your autoresponder automatically to everyone on your list.

You can also schedule a single broadcast message to be delivered sometime in the future.

Choose one of the following autoresponder services to help you build your email list, and sign up for an account.

New account holders are entitled to free or discounted services, usually for 30 days.

The top 7 autoresponder services are listed below:

1. AWeber
2. IContact
3. GetResponse
4. MailChimp
5. Constant Contact
6. InfusionSoft
7. ConvertKit

Choosing Your Virtual Real Estate

If you have a blog on Blogger, or some other blogging platform, that is okay for getting started.

However, you should seriously consider having your own website built. When you own your own domain name (the name of your website or business) and website, you are always in control.

If you are running your business on some free blogging service, you have zero control. They can shut your blog down, and your business, at any time and without giving any reason for doing so.

NameCheap, GoDaddy and Google Domains all offer affordable domain name purchasing.

They also provide domain hosting and even website building services. Head to one of those reliable domain registrars, search for and register a website name for your business.

You can alternately perform a Google search for “top domain registrars” and choose one of those companies.

You will also need hosting for your website

This is where your online business “lives”. HostGator will host unlimited websites for you for around $5 or $10 per month.

BlueHost and DreamHost are a couple of other good hosting services. Once you have purchased your domain name and set it up on your hosting service, install WordPress to build your blog.

Huge time-saving, headache-free tip

Talented freelancers at websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer can handle all of this work for you inexpensively and quickly, usually for under $100.

Getting The List Building Process Set Up

In the next of this series of post I will talk about creating your opt-in.

For now, you should be set up. You should have a website or blog, and you have subscribed to an autoresponder service.

The only thing you need now is an enticing opt-in bribe. I will cover this issue in the next post.

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