Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Blogging Tips

One quick way to drive traffic to your website is by writing guest posts on other blogs. Well known bloggers already have followers that are more inclined to read your post if it is on one of their favorite pages.

You can easily tap into this group of people by frequently submitting articles on other people’s blogs. Here are some proven guest blogging tips.

Get Them To Accept You

It is important to note that before contacting bloggers you should be very familiar with their blog. Spending time reading their content, and then leaving comments is a great way to let the bloggers know that you know the subject matter.

It is also important to get to know the people who frequent the page. These people are the ones you are going to want to impress with your guest article marketing campaign.

Once you know the group, you are ready to contact blog owners. Writing guest articles is often a mutual contract where you write for a blogger and thus allow them to write for you.

Sometimes bloggers may ask for a different ‘favor’, so make sure you know what each blogger wants in exchange for your article.

The video below has some easy tips for SEO, aimed primarily at building links back to your website. However, they also highlight the value of guest blogging to build your authority in your niche, and to drive traffic to your blog. Be sure to watch the video now.

Proposing Deals

Begin by contacting each blog owner and asking them if you could write a guest article for their blog. This step can be hard as you will get a lot of immediate rejections, and many people will simply ignore your email.

However, you will eventually get a ‘Yes’ every now and then. Getting accepted helps ease the pain of all those rejections.

Contacting many blog owners at once is the best way to start your guest article marketing campaign.

Doing so increases your odds of getting those ‘yes’ replies you so desire. Forget those negative replies, and concentrate on the positive ones.

Don’t forget about giving each blogger the link to your website or blog. You want them to read your current articles before totally committing to you contributing to their page.

Those that like your content or style of writing will be the ones giving you permission to write on their blog. Ask each blog owner about the types of articles they accept. This ensures you write something their built-in audience will enjoy.

Once accepted, you then send the blog owner outlines of various topics you can write about. Let them know that your completed article will be ready to copy and paste on their page – coding included (if they ask for it.)

Ask each blogger what they would like in return for allowing you space on their blog. Most will want the same – an article on your page.

Some may want something else. However, an article for an article seems to be the best way for each blogger to feel satisfied with the arrangement.

Writing Your Guest Article

If you have followed the steps above, by the time you sit down and write the article for someone else’s blog, you will already be familiar with both blog owners and participants. Keep these people and ideas in mind when you start to write.

Give them a quality article that you would put on your own blog. The purpose of guest article writing is to inform and entertain your readers; it is not to try and sell them anything.

However, you do want them to like your article enough that they want to visit your website or blog to learn more about you and/or the subject matter. You want them to click your link – the more that do so, the more traffic stops by your place.

Tips For Guest Posting

Although it takes a lot of time and determination to become a guest blog article writer, the rewards at the end are worth all the hard work you put into it.

Just remember, the ‘no’ replies and the ignored emails mean nothing: the ‘yes’ replies mean the world is opening up to you and your words.

Getting space on new blogs will give you what you so desire – more traffic heading straight to your blog. Writing guest post articles truly is the fastest way to build your own following: the more you write, the more traffic you generate.

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