How Many Articles to Get Results?

How Many Articles to Get Results

In order to generate a specific amount of traffic to your blog or website, you are going to need to write a lot of articles for your own web pages and as a guest on other blogs. But, how many articles to get results?

How many articles are enough to generate the traffic you need to realize a profit? You will also need to consider how much profit you are aiming for each month. Do you want to make $500 a month, or a few thousand?

Your profit is determined by:

Quality of articles – great writing is very important in order to capture your readers – the better your article, the higher it will rank in search engines.

Publishing your articles – always try to publish in areas that reach your niche market, doing so will bring more of a return than if you just published it on any random site.

These tips will help you accomplish your goals, and see the profit you are dreaming of:

Publishing Your Articles

The marketing aspect of article writing is vastly important. You should spend quality time reading before deciding where to post your articles.

While article directories may not deliver high levels of traffic, the traffic you do get is very targeted. This is especially true of the top directories, such as EzineArticles.

Posting your article on an article directory may give your site a boost of traffic, but it usually tapers off. However, even a trickle of targeted traffic over time is valuable.

I have personally had articles posted in EzineArticles make it to the number 2 spot on Google for the keyword in my title, and it’s happened on the first day of publication. Having the right keyword in the title was probably the determining factor.

Be a Guest Writer

You can write articles as a guest writer on various blogs. This is where you need to spend some time reading, and also commenting. Find blogs in your niche market, read the articles and comments from other followers and make your own relevant comments. If you do all this before asking to write a guest post, the blog owner and the readers will already be familiar with you and your words.

Guest posts that are well received may only give you an increase in traffic as long as they remain on the bloggers home page. Most bloggers move posts to make room for new ones.

One way to keep your articles relevant on other blogs is to ask the blog owner if you can place a link on their home page to your article. You can also ask the blog owner if they could give your article its own permanent page. Both these methods are acceptable, and will offer you continual traffic.

When you first start writing articles to share on other blogs, you can go to smaller markets to see how your articles are received. You can grow from there, or you can just start with known bloggers within your niche market. The choice is yours, choose wisely.

How Many Articles Is Enough?

Your desired profit is going to dictate how many articles you are going to write every week. If you intend to be a guest blogger on a variety of sites then you may have to write 20 or more articles each week. You might spread yourself thin, but each article has the potential of sending a few visitors your way. The more you write, the more traffic you generate.

There are some bloggers who write one post on their own blog that just takes off and goes viral in a matter of days. This post is either very funny or informative, or it is highly controversial. These articles usually generate a ton of traffic, as well as a ton of shares. Writing one article that goes viral can happen, but it is not something that happens to everyone.

Top Quality Articles

Focus on writing top quality articles, using wit and humor to draw in your readers. Try to write at least 3 articles a week – this should be the minimum you write. You can write as many as you want, while keeping in mind the time you will need to market them. The more articles you write, the more traffic you will generate.

How Many Articles to Get Results?

Bloggers should keep in mind that they should never overwhelm their own followers with too many articles at one time. Although they visit often to read your articles, they don’t want to spend hours reading similar articles. Spread them out over a period of days, writing at least three quality articles a week. This keeps them entertained and informed, and eager to come back to see what more you have to offer.

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