How To Build Traffic To Your Website

How To Build Traffic To Your Website

How To Build Traffic To Your Website

It should come as no surprise to find that the number one issue facing new online enterprises is discovering how to build traffic to your website.

It can be difficult to get your product offering out there while you are still trying to determine who it appeals to, who is going to be most interested in it, and how you are going to encourage them to become customers.

Yet, there is nothing more vital than making a big splash as early as possible.

Without traffic you don’t have a business, because without traffic there are no conversions and no sales.

While the early days are bound to see an imbalance between conversions and traffic, the trick is to establish an engaged and interested ‘flock’ of followers who might later be convinced to make a purchase.

This can be harder than it sounds, because you cannot invest significant capital in a traffic boosting campaign before knowing that your website is appealing to users. But in order to gain users, you need to boost your traffic.

In many ways, it is a catch 22 situation, so what is the solution? This guide will introduce some of the best strategies for procuring paid and free traffic for your business website and learning how to build traffic to your website.

Use PPC Advertising for Fast Traffic

One of the fastest ways to boost the amount of traffic directed to your website is to utilize paid advertising such as PPC advertising tools.

The term PPC refers to ‘pay-per-click’ methods, which enable website owners to ‘bid’ for top ranking keywords and terms relevant to their product.

The most high profile PPC tool out there is Yahoo Search Marketing. You can use this tool to learn how to build traffic to your website.

The downside to PPC marketing, however, is that it tends to be trickier to use than standard SEO techniques. It can get expensive as well while you learn to use this method.

Email Solo Ads

Another paid traffic option in how to build traffic to your website is email solo ads. Of all the methods to build traffic to your website, solo ads is one of the most effective.

It’s a fairly simple process, but the results can be very good and fast. Best of all, it’s easy to implement and relatively cheap.

Just what is an email solo ad? It’s simply sending an email to someone else’s list promoting your product. Your email will be sent to their subscribers.

Just to be clear, an email list is a list of subscribers who are interested in what an internet marketer has to offer.

Let Google Bring You Free Traffic

If you have managed to bid on keywords and phrases with a robust showing in PPC search tools, you might now want to have a go at mastering the more organic search resources.

You can turn websites like Google into a great source of traffic, but you need to learn how to gain a competitive ranking for your top keywords first.

The drawback of this method in learning how to build traffic to your website is that it usually takes quite a while to master all details and strategies necessary to make it work.

This leads neatly to the value of site submission. While it is not required, offering Google information on your website will help the bots to index your website quickly, and send the right kind of visitors to your website.

You will find that some search engines (Yahoo, for example) still require a submission charge, which can be frustrating.

Get Other Websites to ‘Sell’ Your Product

It is possible to get scores of websites (thousands, if you do this correctly) to advertise and promote your product without charge, right up until the point that a new user becomes a customer.

This can be achieved with what is known as an ‘affiliate program.’ In simple terms, affiliates are other website owners who have agreed to promote your product.

They do this in exchange for a percentage commission of every sale which takes place as a result of their promotion.

The only real disadvantage is the risk of your product being inaccurately represented by an affiliate. You will only have limited control over the image that affiliate partners create.

Summing Up How To Build Traffic To Your Website

These are just a few of the many options you have available to promote traffic to your website. But as you learn how to build traffic to your website, you will begin to see your own customer list grow. Along with the growth of your list will come a steady increase in sales, and cash to your payment account.

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