How To Build Your Audience

How To Build Your Audience

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How To Build Your Audience

At its most basic level, online marketing is all about building up a relationship with your audience. Yet, what does this actually mean for the content which a business shares across mainstream social media platforms?

Should it be as non-specific and broad as possible, in order to reach the largest number of users? Or, should it target specific online communities and attempt to forge links with individuals rather than demographics?

The answer to this question can be tricky, because a successful online marketing strategy is one which manages to find a balance between the personal and the practical. The content which it provides is useful to a diverse audience, but specific enough to make users feel like they are being personally addressed.

This handy guide to the best online marketing tips and tricks will help you learn how to create a relationship with your audience which will always lead to sales.

1. Quality Beats Quantity

This is an issue which some online marketers disagree on, but the vast majority acknowledge the fact that 100 carefully constructed pieces of content – shared through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn – is more effective than 1,000 sloppily put together blogs posts or articles. In the same vein, a business is bound to see more traffic and conversions from 100 active connections (people who regularly share, link, create, and discuss) than a 1,000 connections who only passively browse social media.

2. Remember To Listen

To gain a loyal following online and find fans for your product or brand, you have to learn how to listen as well as you talk. This is something that a lot of modern businesses struggle with, so get ahead of the competition by reading the content that your audience is consuming. If you know what prospective customers care about, you can use it to open up a dialogue. To show users that you recognize and appreciate the part that they play in online marketing, make it clear that you know who they are, what they are interested in, and why they might like your product.

3. Acknowledge Direct Contact

While it may not be possible to respond to all emails and messages sent from social media, particularly if you are running a large operation, it is important that you build up a reputation for being a company which talks to its audience. Wherever possible, respond to those who have taken the time to make direct contact with you, even if their message is a negative one. You would be surprised at how valuable a direct response from a company can be to a customer – personalized contact leads to loyalty.

4. Try To Stick Around

It is simply no good creating and sharing valuable content online if you disappear from the dialogue as soon as you have distributed it. The whole point of online marketing is to stimulate and provoke discussion, hopefully about your brand or product, so it makes no sense for you to be absent from it. The trick is to share content and then wait for the response, so that you can participate in the conversations and steer them towards your website – for small businesses, availability is key.

To sum up, the objective of how to build your audience is achieved by a balance in content that informs the reader, while making them feel they are listening to a friend.

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