How to Drive Traffic to My Website Using Facebook

How to Drive Traffic to My Website Using Facebook

How to Drive Traffic to My Website Using Facebook

The Power of Facebook

How to Drive Traffic to My Website Using Facebook. Facebook is an excellent place to generate traffic to your blog. The best thing about Facebook is your ability to include pictures and other images with your posts.

Images are great ways to add a quick, convenient link directly to your blog pages. This also makes it unnecessary to add the link in your post. Use a large image to attract the most attention, and make the content relevant to your post and your link.

Some of the other ways to generate traffic through Facebook are:

1. Write Brief Posts

Some of your fan base will be using mobile devices to access Facebook. Limit yourself to one or two sentences (preferably, keep your posts under the 140 character count on Twitter), writing funny or witty content to make a lasting impression.

2. Ask Questions

To get people to notice you and your image, ask questions. You want readers to click the Like or Share buttons, but you also want them to make comments. Be sure to reply back, thanking them for their contribution, and offering them any useful information you can supply.

Ask different types of questions. Opinion questions often get a lot of responses. Trivia questions related to your article are always welcomed, as are problem solving questions that get everyone involved.

3. Use Quotes

Quotes are the number one thing shared on Facebook every day. Include short quotes from your blog pages; this allows others a taste of your page, plus it gives readers a chance to share your quote. Controversial quotes generate more engagement than generic ones.

4. Make short videos that help enhance your article

Show your fans what you are writing about, and use images of people and products to bring your video to life. Facebook viewers love sharing videos and images almost as much as they love sharing quotes.

5. Belonging to a Community

Because Facebook is all about belonging to a community, most readers are looking for information they can use in their daily lives. They not only want to connect to their friends on Facebook, but most people want to know what other people are doing.

Share your own lifestyle tips, or how-to articles that pertain to your own website content. Use the words ‘you’ and ‘us’ to show you really are a part of this community. Asking readers to share their own tips (on your blog page) after they read your content is another good way to get more traffic to your page.

6. Other People’s Facebook or Blog Contents

Share other people’s Facebook or blog contents that are relevant to your own content. What better way to generate traffic than to share what other people are saying about your market niche? Be sure to include links to the original content.

Facebook followers are more inclined to visit your pages if they know you are open to sharing information from (and with) other people in your targeted market.

Over 1 billion people log onto their Facebook account every day. With this many faithful users it is easy to see how Facebook can begin to generate much needed traffic to your own blog or website. Try some of these methods to see what works for you. You’ll be happy with the end results.

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