How to Engage The Reader in Your Blog Post

How to Engage The Reader in Your Blog Post

How to engage the reader in your blog post is the first priority in writing a killer article. Top bloggers know that writing quality posts is more than knowing how to spell and use proper grammar. Quality articles need to go even further than just a fantastic topic.

The best bloggers think outside the box when coming up with ideas and style of writing. If you want your blog post to go viral, make it something your readers have never seen before. If they love it, they will willingly share it.

How to Engage the Reader in Your Blog Post

These tips will help you write thought provoking posts that stand out in the crowd:

1. Perfect Hooks

The first sentence in any article should be a powerful ‘hook’. This hook is what catches your readers attention, making them want to continue reading.

You can use a variety of methods to write a hook sentence: write a personal anecdote or story that ties into your subject matter; make use of statistics to enhance your article; also, using a famous quote is a good way to quickly make a point. Remember to bait your hook with information that lets your readers get a quick glimpse of what your article contains.

2. Use Simple Words

You might think you sound smarter when you use longer words. However, most readers do not want to have to look up the meanings of big words; keep words simple by using the shortest words possible. For example, instead of saying someone is a ‘namby-pamby’, just say they are a ‘pansy’.

3. Use Short Sentences

Often times we write our article in full and then spend time editing it to catch our spelling and grammar mistakes. However, it is important to also take note of the extra adjectives or adverbs that may be in the piece. Remove what is not really needed.

Some long sentences may need every word you put in them. Just be sure that each word brings value to your sentence, and each sentence brings value to your post.

4. A Place For Everything

Every word, phrase, and sentence you put in your article should bring value to your writing. Do not neglect punctuation; using proper punctuation helps your article flow smoothly.

Read your posts out loud. Do they sound rushed, or do they drag on and on? Reading aloud lets you know right away if something sounds out of place. Edit the piece until every thing is in its proper place.

5. Pop Culture

If you know your core audience, it is a wise choice to include idols from the current pop culture in your posts. This lets your readers assume that you have something in common.

6. Make Use of Analogies

Use your materials to make a comparison between your work and something else. Using analogies works by drawing your readers into your writing. If you are talking about whiny children, you might say, “Their whining is an annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard.”

7. Keep It Unique

The internet has made writing a harder profession: there is just so much that can be written about any one subject. Whatever your topic, the subject has been written about many, many times.

Keeping your articles unique means that you have to go above and beyond what other people are writing. Are they writing articles about the 10 best ways to stop children from whining? In that case, you go them a step better and offer 15 or 20 such tips. People feel better able to handle any situation if they have more options to choose from.

8. Last Impressions

Like the first sentence in your article, your conclusion can often be hard to write. Don’t be like all the other bloggers, don’t summarize your article in your conclusion.

Instead, reiterate the main point in the article. Then, ask a thought provoking question that leaves your readers wanting to know the answer. Finally, leave your readers a defined call-to-action, whether you send them to your blog or ask them to subscribe to your blog.

Serious bloggers strive to have their articles shared. How to engage the reader in your blog post is essential to achieve every blogger’s dream: going viral. If you use these tips in your article writing, you will capture the audience you want. Give your readers what they want: unique, engaging articles that entertain and inform them from the first word until the last. Great content simply attracts great followers.

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