How to Get Free Traffic From YouTube

How to Get Free Traffic From YouTube

How to get free traffic from YouTube without buying Youtube likes is an important issue which successful Internet marketers are quick to take advantage of, and their positive traffic results show it.

How to Get Free Traffic From YouTube – Part 2

After reading through the YouTube tutorials, you should have a better understanding of what you are doing. Start this section by opening up the YouTube channel you are ready to set up. Carefully check out your channel page, you will see you need to fill out a little more information. The two tabs you will want to fill out are the ‘About’ and the ‘Home’ tabs.

Home Tab

By default, whichever photo you are using on Google+ is the one YouTube will use. If you want to change this image, you can do so by clicking on the Home tab.

* Click on the ‘Add channel art’ button to upload new images. Or, hover your mouse over the image, revealing the edit button located in the top right corner. Open the drop-down menu.

* Choose ‘Edit channel art’ then upload or drag the image you want to use. Although the recommended size for image files is 2,560×1,440 pixels, not all the image will appear on your page. This is especially important if you have names, addresses – physical or email, and phone numbers that may be cut off if too close to the side of the image. This makes it vital that you use an image that won’t crop off any important information or parts of your overall image design.

About Tab

Once you have decided on your images, click the ‘About’ tab button on your home page. Here you will see three buttons which help you develop your new YouTube account: Channel description, Links, and Add channels.

* Channel description: In the text box provided, you should write a catchy phrase about your service, business or brand. Be sure this is what you want people to know about your business; do make it something that they will easily remember.

* Links: This section allows you to connect all your YouTube accounts to all of the various online profiles you may have. You can choose to have links overlaid on your cover photo, and you can choose how many to display. This section also gives you the option to let people know when you created this account, and how many views you have received for each channel you have.

* Add channels: This area is best if used to praise your partners and employees, as well as highlighting the different departments within your business. You can leave this page blank if you don’t have any YouTube channels to feature. You can always go back and update once you learn the ropes and have something to brag about.

The next step in creating your YouTube Business account is moving on to the ‘Creator Studio’. Here you will learn to create content as well as manage your pages. In the Creator Studio you will find all the tools and features you might need to use to make magic happen on YouTube. As the creator of this space, you will learn how to manage videos, organize your channel, and deals with your fans. All important things to learn, all coming up in the next part of the series.

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