How to Get Your Facebook Group Members into Your Email List

How to Get Your Facebook Group Members into Your Email List


How to Get your Facebook group members into your email list? Several times throughout these posts about Facebook, I’ve mention the importance of building your email list. And that is one way you can turn a Facebook group member into a paying customer.

You want to move them from the crowded world of Facebook, where everyone is trying to engage them, and you bring them to the more personal, one-on-one, intimate interaction that email provides.

Remember, Facebook is social. You shouldn’t be selling there often, if at all.

However, you eventually need to turn your prospects into paying customers or you will not be in business for long.

That means you have to get your group members off of Facebook and onto your website or blog.

You should have a single page that is dedicated entirely to building your email list. This is called a “squeeze page”.

In return for a valuable free gift, product or service, you receive someone’s email address. Your squeeze page should offer only 2 choices – join your list or get off the page.

At the top of your Facebook group you have the option of creating tabs where members can access different information and resources.

You should create one that says something like “Free Gift” or “Free Resource”. When someone goes there, make an irresistible offer with a link back to your squeeze page.

Have a Squeeze Page Link

You can also include a squeeze page link in your “About” section, and your rules and guidelines post.

Several times a week, when your traffic is the heaviest, tell your Facebook group community about the wonderful free gift you will give them when they join your email list or newsletter. Then direct them to your squeeze page.

If for whatever reason you choose not to build an email list, you can still use all of these built-in traffic opportunities to direct members to your blog or website.

The Power of Facebook Live in Your Facebook Groups

Facebook Live is a feature that allows live-streaming video capabilities.

This means that you can broadcast a video and audio message to your group members in real time. You can do this from your smart phone, tablet or any other Internet connected video camera source.

I mentioned earlier how powerful video is on Facebook. When you share a “real-time” video with your group, it allows people to connect with you on a deeper, more human level. Here’s what you need to know.

In your Facebook group tap on the “What’s on Your Mind” text box. Add a description and customize your audience. Then simply hit “Go Live”.

You will see a 3 second countdown begin, and then you are broadcasting live.

That is how simple it is to turn your Facebook group into a free video webinar service, or use this powerful tool as a way of driving engagement and boosting your image as an authority figure in your field.

How to Get Your Facebook Group Members into Your Email List

Other Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Improve Your Business

Early on in the introduction we discussed using a Facebook group as a way to add value to a purchase. This is very effective for building your business, boosting your profitability, and improving your online presence.

Here are a few more tips for harnessing the power of FB groups for better business growth.

Write a Great Intro

Log into your Facebook group. On the right-hand side of your screen you will see an “About” button.

As you have probably already guessed, this is where you tell people about what makes your group so awesome and irresistible. You can use as many as 3,000 characters, so make this introduction count, and make it memorable.

Have Group Member Appreciation Days/Events

Everyone loves having a party thrown in their favor. You can do this on a weekly, monthly or semiannual basis.

Set aside a particular day to hand out massive discounts on your products and services, or simply give away something for free. Tell your group members that you appreciate them, and express gratitude wholeheartedly.

Ask for Testimonials

Any testimonials you receive, online or off, should be posted in your group. You can also ask group members to share their positive experiences with your business with the rest of the group.

Create Relevant Products from Group Member Content

An offline, “real world” salesperson would salivate at the idea of being able to talk and interact with dozens, hundreds or thousands of potential prospects all at once.

That is what you have the opportunity to do every day in your Facebook group.

Take the information, questions, concerns and content posted on your group by your members seriously. Use it to create products and services that will automatically have a built-in customer base.

Become More Social

Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites are perfect places to advertise your group. After all, they are virtual social hangouts, just like Facebook.

Get on YouTube

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Guess what the second one is?

Yep, YouTube, which was purchased by Google years ago, is the second most popular search engine.

Record a video yourself, or have some done professionally. Talk about your business and your Facebook group, and offer an incentive for YouTube viewers to join.

Encourage Engagement

Tell your group members that you want them to help each other. Form a sense of community.

If a specific member is especially active and always seems to spark a conversation, why not make that person an admin?

Interact as much as possible with your members, providing valuable information and fun, enjoyable memories.

Use Your Group to Build Your Staff

As your business grows you may need to hire employees to keep up with the growth.

What better place than your Facebook group to recruit people who are interested and passionate about your business, and the services you offer?

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