How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogs are all the rage right now! Everyone seems to have their own blog. And you and everyone needs to learn how to increase your blog traffic.

Blogs can be about any subject you can imagine; you can probably find a blog about anteaters and zippers, and others listed under every letter of the alphabet.

Blogs are so important these days; businesses have blogs, stay-at-home moms have blogs, students have blogs, and everyone in between probably has a blog. You have a blog! The great thing about blogs is that you get to write a subject that means something to you.

Blogging itself is a great way to discover how to increase your blog traffic. Beginners may find some of the following tips helpful as they get started on this journey through the world of blogs and blogging:

  • Informative, Interesting and Entertaining

One of the most important things to think about is the content of your articles. You want to write articles that are both informative and interesting. Most people like being entertained as they read your content. Know your personal fan base and just what it is they are looking for in blog articles.

  • Share it

Once you write a great blog article, you are ready to share it. Don’t stop sharing after you have shared your link one time. Most beginning bloggers make this simple mistake – they only post on one site.

The trick to generating a ton of traffic is to share your link on as many pages as you can. The more people that see your link, the more clicks you will get, the more traffic will flow directly to your blog.

Be sure to choose your audience wisely. You want to be sure you are sharing your link with people who are interested in your service or the products you are selling. The more positive exposure you have, the more traffic you will generate.

    • Keep Your Audience in Mind

Remember to always think about your audience as you write your articles. Once you understand what your audience wants, it is up to you to write to these needs. Quality writing worth sharing will be shared more often. Give your readers something they are proud to share.

      • Attract Heavy Content Sharers

One fantastic way to generate a lot of traffic is to attract both heavy content sharers and content distributors. Heavy content sharers are people who have their own blogs and websites, and they are very active in many social circles. Content distributors are people who have accounts and post a lot on a variety of social networking sites. These two groups of people not only will enjoy reading your blog posts, but are the ones most inclined to share your content with others.

  • Do Your Homework

Do your homework before writing any articles; search for keywords, terms and phrases that your target group is using. Once you know what keywords they are searching for, you can adapt your writing to include these keywords.

AdWords Keyword Planner, a free tool from Google, is a handy way to find the perfect keywords for your article.

  • SEO Friendly Articles

SEO friendly articles are a fantastic way to get free advertising for your pages. All you need to do is put in a little effort in order to see great results. It has often been said that as little as 20% effort can yield an 80% return in generated traffic. This is traffic that goes straight to your blog simply because your keywords grabbed their attention.

  • Guest Bloggers

Ask established bloggers in your field if they would be willing to write a guest post for your blog. Some of the top bloggers may want a fee to write an article, some may not.

Do more homework and find those who will write for free. Because these are already well known bloggers, their article will be read by their followers. This assures you that potentially hundreds of new readers will pass through your blog to read this current article.

  • Be a Guest Blogger

Ask those who write for you if you can write an article for their blog. This is a great way for you to get your name on an established site, and have your words read by many, many people.

If your content is written well enough, these folks will wander over to your blog to see what else you have written. Blogs that already generate a ton of traffic on a daily basis are the ones you should aim to write for.

The most important factor in how to increase your blog traffic is to create blog content that people want to read and share with others. Blogging is not just about writing on your own blog, it is also about sharing your articles on other blogs.

Look for those established blogs in your niche market. See what they are doing right, and copy their examples. Get your articles published in as many places as you can; in this way, you will be assured that traffic is going to find its way to your blog. These tips are some of the best ways to generate the most traffic.

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