How to Make a Video With Ease

How to Make a Video With Ease

How to make a video with ease –¬†Creating a YouTube video is not hard to do. It does, however, take time to get your video ready for the public. These articles will help you put together a video: taking you from deciding on content, to actually uploading your YouTube videos.

1. Choose The Content For Your Video

Every YouTube video starts with a brilliant idea. As the creator, you need to decide what your content will be, and what purpose will it serve. Do you want to create an informative video, or one that entertains the masses? Who are you going to market this video to? Do you want a long or a short video? These are just a few of the many questions you need to consider before actually recording the video.

If you are looking to go viral, then think outside the box and create a video that no one else has done. Think about how you are going to start the video. Most people have the attention span of gnats when it comes to videos. If you don’t capture their attention in the first few seconds they will leave.

How to Make a Video With Ease

Storyboard and Script

If you have a rather complex video planned, it would help if you thought about writing a script or a storyboard. Your unscripted video probably needs a storyboard more than a scripted one does.

* Creating a storyboard – drawings, directions and dialogue that show each video shoot – is recommended whenever you create a video. The storyboard should give you an indication of just how long the video will be.

* Knowing the length of the video is important when you start writing the script. Script writing is a skill that takes years to perfect. Beginners should just write about what they know.

Use language and phrases that your audience can relate to. Be sure that the message you want to convey is done so in a clear and concise manner. Always end your video with a call to action.

Script Writing Requires Time

Writing script for a 3-5 minute video may take hours, days or weeks to write. You need to write, rewrite, and rewrite it until it reads and sounds perfect. You want to present a succinct and compelling video that will reach the hearts of your viewers.

If you are planning for two or more people in your video, you need to be sure that any dialog sounds natural when spoken. It might look good in print, but sound awkward when spoken aloud.

You can use any word processor to write your script. While doing your writing, think about the images, graphs, charts and photos that you are going to include in the video. Your video is going to include visual and audio stimulation; you want your audience to clearly get whatever message you are sharing through the use of both.

Identify All Detail Info Needed

Your script should include details such as camera angles, shooting locations, and what type of shots you want. Write down each action you want your performers to take. Indicate what, and when, sound effects or music needs to played. Also include where you are going to put props, graphics, charts, or other content to be included in the video.

Your YouTube video does not have to be a top-of-the-line production. If you have great content, that will mean more to your viewers than poor audio or a below par video.

Make reasonable goals when creating your video, and work within your own budget limits. You can even find free video creation software to help you. You don’t need to put out a big budget video to get a ton of hits.

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