How to Make Use of Other Peoples Content: Research and Sharing

How to Make Use of Other Peoples Content

How to make use of other peoples content. Not only is Pinterest a great social media site, it is also a terrific search engine.

Your prime motive for creating a Pinterest account is to share your business; you can find what information related to your niche market is already being searched out by others on Pinterest.

Go to the top of any Pinterest page and type either a relevant business keyword or phrase in the search bar.

Do nothing beyond typing in this word or phrase. Do not hit enter or the search icon.

If your business is cake baking, then simply type “cake baking” in your search bar and watch what happens.

Pinterest has an auto-complete feature that will find words and phrases relevant to cake baking. This is a great way to find out what other people are searching for on Pinterest.

Not only do you learn what is currently popular on Pinterest, you also see exactly what words people are searching for.

This helps tremendously when it comes time to create names for your own boards.

Search Auto-Complete Feature

The auto-complete feature lets you choose to search for individual users or search all boards and pins for the words or phrases you put in the search bar.

This is helpful in finding Pinterest users that may share your interests, and whom you wish to follow. Following someone leads to them getting a notification that you are following them.

This often leads to them following you back. This is a fantastic way for you to quickly get knowledgeable and influential people to follow your niche market or business.

It is also an easy way for you to get relevant pins that you can re-pin; you simply re-pin images from your many followers.

You are going to have to spend some time searching for Pinterest users discussing your niche market. Then you pin content relevant to your business on their pages.

Once you find them you will be so glad you spent the time doing so.

Not only do you find out who pinned what, you also can see at a glance how many followers each one of them has.

The trick is to follow some of these people and re-pin from those users with a ton of followers. This is the best way to increase your followers – seemingly overnight.

It’s All About Sharing

Pinterest wants you sharing content you find on the internet. They want you to search out websites that are relevant to your business and share your findings.

You want to read blogs, websites and business pages of those people most influential in your niche market.

The best way to find these people is to search for them. Just type in either your blog or your site topic keywords and put “blogs, groups, and forums” after the keywords.

For your cake baking business you should type in “cake baking blogs”, “cake baking groups” and “cake baking forums.”

A quick glance should reveal who the most influential people in your business niche are. If you browse a page that interests you, and it has at least one picture on it, then pin that image to your boards.

How to Make Use of Other Peoples Content

If you pin something that does not belong to you, always give credit to the original source. Either mention the person or website you pinned from. Respect and honesty go a long way.

Remember when you pin these images to give them descriptions using your relevant keywords or phrases.

You want your pins to revolve around the central core of your business plan, as well as your Pinterest marketing plan.

Extra Tip is a great place to find people who sit on top of the ‘Pinterest influence’ list. Find these people who have a ton of followers and start following them yourself.

By doing so you can increase your own exposure, gain a large number of followers of your own – in a short time, and see your own content re-pinned.

Following others is a remarkable tool that everyone should learn how to effectively utilize if they intend to have a successful business and Pinterest account.

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