How To Maximize Progress Toward Your Online Goals

How To Maximize Progress Toward Your Online Goals

How to maximize progress toward your online goals… even when you do your best to be productive, you suffer the common distractions which are all around us. Yet, it’s so important that you focus on your most important tasks.

How To Maximize Progress Toward Your Online Goals

Staying focused is not easy for those of us who work from home. Distractions come in the form of typical household activities like children demanding attention, and errands that you must do.

Furthermore, when you go online, you face more distractions, from social media, video games and unsolicited email messages that invade your inbox.

You Must Maintain Your Focus on Your Goals

Will power is not enough. You have to have a system that starts with setting your priorities. Since no one can stay focused all day, you need to know what you want to achieve each day, so you can focus on that first.

The key here is to select daily goals for projects, or tasks you can achieve in one day.

Adopt a Success Mindset

By adopting a success mindset you commit to completing your daily goals. Below is the system I devised to maintain laser-like focus on your daily tasks.

Use the One Hour Time Block System

Let’s assume you have seven hours you can devote to working on your online business. Set up seven one hour time blocks.

Then assign a task to each time block. It’s very helpful to get an electronic timer to keep track of your working time. Then record how much you got done during each time block.

This way you will be able to track how much you are accomplishing.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize how much more productive you are. And the best thing is that you will not be working any harder. You are just using laser-like focus on your important tasks.

Set Up Daily Goals the Night Before

The advantages of goal setting are obvious. These daily goals will be in front of you the next day. They have to fit into your time blocks. For best results, your daily goals should be part of your monthly and yearly goals.

Use the Power of Visualization

Most people are familiar with visualization. It’s a tool champion athletes have used for years to achieve their amazing performance.

If world famous athletes feel they must use visualization to achieve top performance, you should also take advantage of it. If you do, you will all but guarantee amazing success in your online business.

How To Maximize Progress Toward Your Online Goals

You need to see yourself succeeding in your online activities. And make them real in your mind. See yourself meeting customers, and making them happy by solving their online problems.

Then see those customers telling their friends about meeting you and interacting with you to their benefit.

You need to repeat this process until the images become crystal clear, like a movie you run in your mind. Make it colorful and full of sound, just like in real life.

It actually is real life playing on a screen in your mind. With practice it will become easy and exciting.

Burn Your Bridges

Do not give yourself a way out. When you “Burn Your Bridges,” you make a do or die commitment.

When you do this you have a power for accomplishment you never knew existed, and it will be at your command. You will know how to maximize progress toward your online goals.

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