How to Persuade Your Target Audience

How to Persuade Your Target Audience

How to persuade your target audience should be a key focus of all the content you put out. Whether you are writing a blog post, a group email, or articles for other websites, subtle persuasion can be a very useful tool. These tips below will help you capture the attention of your target group, and have them following through with your directed action:


If you have ever read Dr Seuss books, then you know the power of rhyme. Children learn through rhyme because rhymes are processed quicker in the brain than are stories that do not rhyme.

The same thought process works in adults, too. We remember jingles and commercials because they tend to rhyme. Try it yourself: send out emails and write articles and posts using rhymes in some, and not in others. You will probably notice that the rhyming content gets the most responses.

Explain All Actions

Your end goal is to have your audience take some sort of action. In order to get them to comply with your wishes, you are going to have to tell them why they need to do so. You can’t just tell them to click on your action button and that is that. You need to tell them they need to do so “because” it benefits them in some way.

Telling your readers they need to do something “because” not only gives them a clear direction to go, it justifies why they need to take further action. Try it, this one word can pack a powerful punch.

Active vs Passive Voice

Active voice puts the subject in charge of performing an action: John wrote the music. Passive voice makes the subject the acted upon part of the sentence: The music was written by John. Although both sentences say the same thing, the shorter (active voice) sentence is more easily remembered.

There are many apps online that can help you as you learn the difference between active and passive voice. Try Hemingway, this app will help you see which of your own statements are active, and which ones are passive. With time, you won’t need to use the apps, writing in active voice will become a natural occurrence.

Positive and Negative Words

We many not realize it, but there are times when we start a sentence off with the word “don’t” and the sentence ends up confusing our readers. This is because “don’t” is a negative word, and seeing it makes us stop to ponder just what it is we should do or not do.

Don’t use negative words to make a point, for the thought gets lost in the wording. Do use positive words that have clear meanings and instructions on what further actions your readers should take. Your readers will thank you for helping them move along more efficiently.

Second Person

Writing content that appeals to all audiences is best done using second person writing. First person is “I”; second person is “you”; third person is “them”. Using “you” in your content makes each person feel as if you as speaking to them personally.

Make it simple for your readers to understand your content, and how it can apply in their lives. Using “you” is as powerful as using “because”: they both capture your readers attention right away.

What Are The Benefits?

Although you are eager for people to subscribe to your newsletter, or purchase your services or products, you should first tell them why, and how, these things will enrich their lives. You can do this on your homepage; just be sure that you put these benefits in a very prominent place on the page. Make it the first thing people see when they arrive on your website.

You do want to list all your other features, but most people really want to know what you can do for them, before they know what your product or service involves. Give them what they want and they will take action and become a part of your team.

How to Persuade Your Target Audience

These tips are a great way to help you persuade your readers to take immediate action. Give them a try yourself. When you give your target audience what they want, when and where they want it, they will take action and flock to your website or blog.

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