How to Send Traffic to Your Freebie

How to Send Traffic to Your Freebie

How to send traffic to your freebie. Volumes could be written on the subject of traffic alone. As this special post is laser focused on getting the first 100 people on your list, I have honed in on a very specific and targeted traffic approach.

On the Internet, marketers refer to prospects and possible clients as traffic. You need traffic to your offer to build your list.

The good thing about developing traffic, sometimes in tidal waves, is that there are literally hundreds of ways to do so. Even so, all traffic boils down to 2 types – paid and free.

Paid Traffic

I need to point out immediately that when you first start experimenting with paying for traffic, you need to be very careful. You can take all the paid traffic courses and classes in the world, and still lose large amounts of money before you become good at it.

For that reason, I don’t recommend paid traffic when you
begin to build your list. Free traffic sources are more than enough to grab your first 100 subscribers, and many more.

Paid traffic includes PPC, banner advertising, advertising on social networks and dozens of other sources.

Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads, Outbrain Amplify and Bing Ads are a few of the many types of paid traffic services.

Is Free Traffic Really Free?

Free traffic is traffic you do not pay for.

That much is obvious from the name. However, there is usually an indirect cost.

Some action you take that requires your time is eventually responsible for traffic heading to your landing page or website.

The great thing about free traffic is the more you get, the greater return on your time investment.

Let’s say you spend 2 hours writing and posting a really great, informative, value-rich blog post.

You include important keywords and phrases that are important to your marketplace. You publish it, and the first week 100 unique visitors find your blog post while surfing.

You have several opt-in forms sprinkled in and around that blog post, and 5 of those 100 unique visitors decide to sign up to your email list.

Was that traffic, and those subscribers, really free?

Figure out what 2 hours of your time is worth. If your personal time is worth $25 per hour, then it cost you $50 to write and publish that post.

That means your unique visitors cost $0.50 per piece, and it cost you a whopping $10 per subscriber to build your email list.

Those are some pretty lofty fees. However, the beauty of free traffic is that you only have to create the content one time.

And if you have done your search engine optimization (SCO) properly, Google and other search engines will send you traffic forever.

So over time, your cost per unique visitor and per subscriber for that piece of content is constantly heading towards zero. That’s a beautiful thing.

Free and Paid Traffic Sources and Strategies

We just discussed the simplest way to develop free traffic. Make a blog post or create a web page, and fill it full of problem-solving information.

This information must be valuable to the people in your market, and make it attractive to search engines. And you will get free traffic.

Note that this works better and better the longer you’ve been publishing content. So in the beginning you will also need to get traffic from a number of other sources.

Investing Time

This usually means investing some time creating a presence on the best social media sites for your audience.

Pinterest is often the traffic-generation website of choice, but you need to actively spend time there to grow your following.

You should also alert any current email list members that you have published a new blog post. Your email list is the most controllable traffic source you will ever have.

Every time you do anything business-related, let your list know about it.

You can also ask your list to share your new content with their favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This way, your current list is helping you drive traffic and grow your list even bigger.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

As mentioned earlier, you should head to all of the big social networks and let them know every time you put new content on your site, or develop a blog post.

Always make sure you have multiple opt-in opportunities in and around any content you create.

E-books, online products and courses you create, video
sharing sites like YouTube, press releases, writing guest
blog posts, search engine optimization on your site.

Also free classified ad and directory networks, article marketing, social networking, Facebook and LinkedIn groups and forum participation are all excellent free traffic sources.

How to Send Traffic to Your Freebie

The key with free traffic is to be everywhere, so experiment with all of the above free traffic generators.

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