How To Use Facebook Groups For Marketing

How To Use Facebook Groups For Marketing

Your Cocktail Party… Are You Getting the Most Out of It?

I recently compared a Facebook group to the dynamics of a cocktail party.

The benefits of this cocktail party, your own Facebook group, begin as soon as you create the idea for your group. It’s like a cocktail party where people are free to discuss any topic they like.

However, by skillfully, and persistently guiding the discussion, you succeed in getting your main topic to dominate the conversation.

Discussing your concepts and ideas with other like-minded people on Facebook gives you quality interacting time with these potential customers. But you are doing it in the light-heated atmosphere of a party.

The better you get at interacting with people who join your Facebook group, the better your chances for selling more products.

The benefits keep going, here are 4 more:

1. You Create and Control Your Own Group

If you are on Facebook then you probably already belong to at least one group, probably a lot more than just one. You join Facebook groups to interact with people who share topics within your niche market or business.

Creating and controlling your own Facebook group means that you get to control what is discussed. You control the content and the interactions.

A well maintained group is going to attract more people than one where discussions go way off-topic. Once you obtain a large following, others will see you as a leader in your online community and reward you even more for doing such a great job.

2. Be Everywhere

Pat Flynn is a well-known name in the blogging industry. He is not only a fantastic blogger, but he is also a successful online entrepreneur and a popular podcaster.

He has a simply strategy that is easy to follow: be everywhere, literally, online. The internet is huge. Facebook itself offers thousands of groups to choose from.

Increasing your online presence is the best way to generate direct traffic to your website or blog.

Internet marketers and bloggers who are at the top of their game got there by being everywhere, and posting everywhere, dropping links in every post.

By following Pat Flynn’s strategy of being everywhere, you can increase your own online presence and grow your Facebook group with little effort.

3. Be Yourself

The best way to sell your Facebook group idea is to be yourself when you post on other sites. Take part in the groups you do join, and be an active participant in the groups you create.

Your own groups give you a chance to show like-minded people who you really are. The socialization skills you learn through interacting is always a valuable benefit of posting on any Facebook group.

Being yourself will endear people to you and have them buying whatever you have to sell, all without one sales pitch uttered.

4. Learn and Teach New Ideas

Thousands of Facebook groups offer the 1.25 billion Facebook users vast areas of knowledge to explore.

Every Facebook group was created by someone with a unique idea or personality. Even in your own niche there will be dozens of groups: all with different ways of looking at the same problems.

How To Use Facebook Groups For Marketing

Learning new ideas and techniques might lead you to write an amazing blog post about the possibility of creating new products.

A post like this will keep subscribers coming back to see your progress, and entice new people to join your group to further understand your work.

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