Make It Easy to Subscribe to Your List

Make it easy to subscribe to your list

Make it easy to subscribe to your list. By now, you have created a value oriented, problem-solving opt-in bribe.

You have placed it on your website or blog, and integrated it with your autoresponder service. Your next step is to begin attracting traffic.

You have probably seen opt-in boxes and forms on multiple websites. Smart marketers make it very easy for you to subscribe to their list.

You are probably on multiple email newsletters and lists right now. There is one of the reasons you traded your email address for some type of download or other free information.

And that is because that business owner made it very easy for you to subscribe.

Ask for Minimal Information

Research continually shows that when you ask for the least amount of information, your conversion rate goes up.

Your autoresponder service will provide you with opt-in boxes and forms that ask for a lot of information. These are always customizable.

Ask for nothing more than an email address for your subscriber to download or access your bribe.

If you absolutely must, you can also require your subscriber to give you his or her name. In 99 out of 100 cases, this is all the information you need to ask for!

An argument can be made that certain business models require more information, such as an address if you are sending out a physical product.

Never, ever, ever ask for more information than is absolutely required. This will increase your conversion rate.

Where Do You Put Your Opt-In Form?

It is widely agreed by successful Internet businessmen and women that you need an opt-in form at the top of the right sidebar on your site or blog.

However, you should not stop there. There are opt-in plug-ins that make adding an opt-in box at the top and bottom of each web page super simple.

There are other plug-ins that deliver a pop-up style opt-in box when a web visitor scrolls past a certain level on your page.

You can also create opt-in forms that function as text links in the middle of your content, as we mentioned in the previous section on “content upgrades”.

In short, making it simple to subscribe to your email list means giving several options on each page and post of your site.

The Power of a Dedicated Opt-In Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

A landing page is just that page where someone lands after you direct them there from another location.

These are also called squeeze pages because they squeeze a desired response out of a visitor, in this case subscribing to your email list. The simpler and shorter your landing page, the better.

Do you need to create a squeeze page?

When you’re first building your list, you’ll probably focus more on the “content upgrades” strategy. I talked about this in the previous step, sprinkling your freebie opt in links throughout your blog posts.

However, creating a separate squeeze page is useful for bigger freebies. You may decide to create one “signature freebie” and then smaller content upgrades.

Your signature freebie will probably be directly related to something you want to sell.

A squeeze page is also easy to share from social media. Basically, it gives you a direct link to send people to sign up for your freebie. Otherwise, you send them to your blog and hope that they find the opt-in link among all of your other content.

So What Do You Want on the Squeeze Page?

You don’t want tons of distracting video and advertisements. If your website has multiple columns, you want those removed as well.

Site building programs like WordPress have dozens, if not hundreds, of landing page plug-ins that handle this job for you.

You can alternately use one of the following 10 landing page resources to create a high conversion page:

  1. LeadPages
  2. Instapage
  3. Unbounce
  4. Lander
  5. LeadSquared
  6. Launchrock
  7. PageWiz
  8. Prefinery
  9. KickoffLabs
  10. Optimizely

All of the top autoresponder services integrates smoothly with the landing page resources just mentioned.

Share Your Message Everywhere

Another way to make it simple for people to subscribe is to share your message everywhere. You already have social media accounts.

Share your landing page URL on all of those social networks and more. Send emails to any previous customers or business associates who you know could benefit.

Share your landing page, or a blog post with several opt-in opportunities, everywhere and with everyone you can reach on a consistent basis.

Sharing your landing page URL is just one way to develop traffic, which I cover in detail in your next step.

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