More on Facebook Paid Advertising Options

More on Facebook Paid Advertising Options

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More on Facebook Paid Advertising Options

As you can clearly see, there is still more on Facebook paid advertising options that you need to learn and apply. It is time to get into a few last issues you need to consider in your campaign:

Interests and Categories

The more you target your ads to a specific group, the more chances you have of getting clicks. Check out the broad categories of pages and find those that will reach your targeted audience. For example: Is your business cooking related? Go to Cooking, and check out the specific categories within the world of cooking. You will probably find just the right niche on this list. Those who love to cook are the ones you want to bring to your site. Target your ad to these people, they are the ones most likely to buy your product or service.


Most people generally set Connections to All and leave it that way. However, if you want to target a more specific audience then you can use Advance Connection Targeting. You could target just those who are your friends, but this is really limiting, and Facebook will tell you the same thing.

You can choose to target friends, and people who have some connection to your page; or you could target a specific gender. However, all these limit your audience. With over a billion users on Facebook, it pays to advertise to All. You should also choose the language that matches the country you are targeting. Language of choice is usually English by default.

Education Level

You can also set it up so that you are advertising to people with a certain level of education Entering the workplace of your target audience works well for getting people to visit your pages.

Account and Campaign Settings

The currency you will be using, and the country where you live, are both set by default. You can choose a per-day or a lifetime budget, depending on the size of your campaign. You can bid for clicks manually (the best way to go), or you could choose to Automatically Optimize My Bid (which usually results in more clicks.) Or, you choose choose max bid per-click, which normally works out pretty well.

When you click on the Review Order button, you can enter all your credit card number information and make your payment.

Cost Of Advertising

The nice thing about Facebook ads is that the cost is affordable for all budgets.

First, you choose a budget, deciding how much you want to spend in total. Next you choose your bid. Your bid is the amount you want to pay to get people to see your ad, click on it, and take action on your webpage.

You set your prices, and Facebook helps you stay in your budget range. If you wish to pay $10 a day, you choose ‘Per day’ in Budget option, and enter that amount.

Any time you wish, you can change your budget amount, or even bid in Ads Manager. Setting a spending limit means that once you reach this limit your ads will stop automatically, until you are ready for them to resume.

Driving traffic to your website or blog using Facebook ads can seem daunting at first. However, once you learn how to create and market your ads, you can sit back and wait for the traffic to stop by. Create an eye-popping ad and target it to the right audience, and you have a winning combination to generating a ton of traffic to your web pages.

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