Powerful Content Formats Convert Visitors to Customers

Powerful Content Formats Convert Visitors to Customers

If you are serious about your online business, you will use powerful content formats which convert visitors to customers. These methods work because they all use emotional triggers that were mentioned in earlier articles: know, like and trust, plus credibility and reciprocity.

Here are the content formats used the most:

Case Studies

Case studies are often utilized to show potential customers how a company solves problems. These documents may be a few pages long, or they may be a dozen pages or more. Your specific business, and the information that is shared within the study, is going to determine the overall length of the finished study.

When a business shares a specific case study with their page readers, they are actually showing these potential clients what they can do for them. Case studies should be presented from start to finish.

Start by stating the customer’s problem, and end with a successful outcome. Go into as much detail as possible while describing the steps you took to rectify the customer’s problem.

Business-to-business marketing is a great place to use case studies. A case study will reveal the strength, reliability, effectiveness, and trustworthiness of a business.

Business-to-customer marketing can also use effective case studies. You can hire a virtual consultant to help you put together these case studies. Consultants or assistants also work on making converts out of your readers.

White Papers

White paper documents are longer than case study documents because they offer a lot more detailed information. White papers usually start out at 10 pages long, and can be as lengthy as 30 (or more) pages.

White papers are complex guides that are written to help customers solve their problems. Some white papers help customers decide which steps they need to take to fix their particular problem. Longer white papers are highly favored within their niche markets.

All case studies share a similar format: First there is a brief summary of what the paper contains. Then the challenge or problem is fully discussed.

Products and services are discussed, and ways they can help solve the problem or challenges are explained. Each case studies concludes with a successful way to face the challenge or problem, and ends with a call to action.

eBooks, Reports and Workbooks

Businesses with established brands often use eBooks to further put their brand in front of the public’s eye.

New business looking to put their own brand out there can create an eBooks and use it like a personal business card. eBooks are perfect lead generators, making them ideal for new businesses.

Reports help readers understand situations in more detail. For example: you are thinking of starting a new business in a brick and mortar building, so you research possible sites online and in person. You read a variety of online, and printed, reports to help you make up your mind about a certain location.

Many times a report will also have a workbook in the report itself. A workbook within your search for a new business location will include a wide variety of companies you can hire to get your actual business up and running.

The author of both the report and the workbook is probably listed as one of the companies you could potentially hire. They certainly hope their report helps you to choose them.

eBooks and reports are both terrific lead generators. The workbook is used to make your readers convert from prospect to customer.


Webinars – online seminars – are often used to help businesses grow their prospect lists. People within the business-to-customer market and the business-to-business market can learn a lot during niche market webinars.

Pairing any of your marketing materials with your webinar will benefit not only you, but will greatly benefit your prospects. You can give them your printed or online materials before your webinar, or share them after the seminar.

These materials are can go beyond what you are going to discuss in the webinar. They will also provide more value to your readers. Added value to your content is the name of the game. Finally, somewhere within your various content, be sure you include a call to action.

All in all, these various powerful content formats convert visitors to customers, which is a smart online marketing strategy.

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