Rhymed Content Converts Visitors to Subscribers

Rhymed Content Converts Visitors to Subscribers

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Are you wondering how to capture your readers attention with something completely different than all other articles or posts? Rhymed content converts visitors to subscribers.

Why not try using rhymes?

Simple rhymes can make your post easy to read, and even easier to understand. Best of all, they can be easily memorized, making it even easier for your reader to learn.

Stories, articles, and even posts on social media sites are all written to make some kind of point. To drive this point home quickly, and effectively, rhymes work well. This is due to the fact that human brains process rhyme faster than regular prose.

To Illustrate the Point

The following lines were written to illustrate the point of rhyming, and how much you can say with a few words.

Start a post with one small rhyme, catch their eye most of the time.
Rhymes can make your post stand out, tell them what you’re all about.
Make it short and relevant, less time reading, time well spent.
Send them on their merry way, Call To Action filled today.

Get them to your business page, website, blog, or any page.
Give them tips that they can use, share enough so they can choose.
Write honest words from the heart, folks will stay and not depart.
Tricks to keep them coming back, rhyming words like this attack.

You don’t have to go this far, if your rhymes aren’t up to par.
Rhymes can make your readers pause, they’re drawn right in… that’s because
using lots of rhyming words sounds a lot like rhyming chords.
Yes, there’s times when rhymes belong, think of them as written song.

Rhymed Content Converts Visitors to Subscribers

You certainly do not have to write epic poems. A line or two might be all you need to get your point across to your audience. Don’t worry if you can’t include rhymes in everything you write; strive to use them when you feel they have a place in your writing.

While there are many other tools you can use to get your message across, don’t discount rhymes as something adults won’t get. Rhymes are not just for children. Rhymes bring fun and happiness into your written works.

Rhymes With Emotional Triggers

Rhymes used with emotional triggers are a great way to draw your reader into your words. Pull on those heartstrings if you have to, just try doing it in rhyme once in a while.

As with any marketing tool, do not overuse rhyming words. You want people to read your words, not run away from them.

Used correctly, rhymes really are effective for getting your readers to heed your call to action. Persuading them to do so is your ultimate goal when writing any content.

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