Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

successful video marketing campaigns

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Creating Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that millions of You Tube videos are created every year? Amateur photographers around the world are thrilled to share with viewers across the globe. Marketers are no different than your average amateur photographer: they are looking to reach millions of people in order to expand their business. They can do this when they create successful video marketing campaigns.

Most marketers readily understand that You Tube is a great marketing platform. Video cameras are easier than ever to operate, are an inexpensive production tool, and video marketing is only going to continue to grow.

One of the most efficient and effective advertising campaigns is a well-produced, yet simple, video uploaded to You Tube. Your video should clearly promote your company, as well as all your products.

Why You Tube?

It is free to register and create a You Tube account. This is a great way to save money on advertising costs. However, having a successful marketing campaign depends a lot upon the quality of the video that you produce.

A Few Basics

1. Identify your niche market, staying consistent with your chosen business ideas.

2. Are you promoting a new brand to the market, or are you introducing a brand-new product? Either way, be sure to carefully plan the design and development aspects of your video before starting the actual shoots. This video should clearly help promote, and help you achieve, your ultimate business goals.

3. You Tube has rules and regulations you must follow for every video you upload. Carefully follow whatever format and structure is set forth by You Tube, and you should have no problems at all.

4. You Tube indexes every video. Therefore, it is in your best interest to properly tag and keyword the video title. This helps web consumers find you quickly and successfully. An interesting and well thought out and filmed video is a sure-fire way to get traffic directed to your site.

5. The best thing about You Tube videos is that they are often shared on social networks all over the internet. Viewers that find value in your video are more apt to share it with others. This word-of-mouth campaign is free, and takes your videos to a much larger consumer base.

How To Create Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Because the costs of video production is fairly inexpensive, most You Tube videos are money makers. Using the proper marketing strategies, these videos can easily circle the globe. Using simple production tools you can create a fantastic promo video that serves your personal business goals.

Successful You Tube videos share three distinct features:

Keeps Viewers Entertained

Every successful You Tube business video should be entertaining as well as interesting. You want to express your business in creative ways that draw your viewer into your message. Your main goal is have them opt-in to whatever you are selling. Viewer satisfaction is a must!

Your You Tube video should evoke strong emotions in your viewers. Whether it leaves them laughing, crying, or in awe of what you have created, you want to impress your viewers, and mesmerize them at the same time. These are the videos that go viral – reaching people around the world.

The Video Has A Strong, Impressionable Title

Catchy titles leave deep impressions in the minds of most people. Your title is what will draw people in to watch your video. Most people will scroll past boring titles, looking for those that ‘jump off the page’. Make your title pop and millions of people will be clicking to see what you are offering.

Even those people who were not thinking about your products or services may become interested if they see a title that fills them with curiosity. Humans are naturally curious beings, and those most intrigued will have to watch your video to satisfy their own curiosity.

Content Is Clear And Relevant

The most successful You Tube videos are filled – from start to finish – with content that is clearly understood by the viewer. All content should be relevant to your business and your goals. Engaging videos keep viewers coming back to see what else you might offer. That is the essence of successful video marketing campaigns.

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