The Biggest Secret in Internet Marketing

The Biggest Secret in Internet Marketing

The biggest secret in Internet marketing… The most important concept in Internet marketing is not that “Content is King.” It is offering “HELP” to your customers and subscribers.

Most if not all online marketers strive to provide authoritative information to their customers, and that is good. But more to the point, you should strive to solve people’s problems.

My Blog Sub-Heading

When I chose the sub-heading for the header of my Internet marketing blog, which you see at the top of this page, I came up with “Helping You Grow to Financial Freedom”

I think this slogan had been in the back of my mind for quite a while. It has now become the basic premise on which I build my Internet marketing business, and any other websites I may eventually build.

Here’s the thing. When prospects visit your blog or website, they are not just making a random search for information. They are usually seeking a way of solving a problem in their business.

Customers With Problems Need Help

Anyone who has a problem needs help. And they are often pretty frantic about finding help. That’s where your website or blog can offer the free help people need.

When your free help reaches the point where you need more in depth material or tools, you may then have to suggest an appropriate product you may have.

An example would be a keyword tool. You would then offer the product for sale to provide a specific in depth solution.

Any profit or commission would be a secondary issue. Whenever you provide help in abundance, the money will not be far behind.

Give Freely

Helping a customer without charging them is a form a giving. When you give freely, whether it is your knowledge or your time, you are giving value and you will eventually receive compensation far beyond what you have given away.

This builds your authority and your reputation. You get to be known as the go-to guy. People will be attracted to you and to your business because you are offring so much help.

The help you are giving is an investment in your business.

This concept has been around for quite some time. Many successful big-time entrepreneurs have taken advantage of it.

Jack Ma, who is supposed to be the richest man in China, whose wealth is in the milti-billions, created Alibaba about 15 years ago. He started the business in his apartment.

Now, his ecommerce empire is closing fast on Walmart’s sales level. He states again and again, that his basic strategy is to take care of the customer first, helping in whatever manner is needed.

People Seek You When They Have a Problem

The basic concept to remember is that people come to you because they have a problem. They need help, and they are looking for a soluton. That’s the bottom line.

If you can be the one to provide the solution to their problem you win in their eyes. And if it turns out that the only way you can help them is by selling them one of your products, they will be happy to buy.

Your Customers Are Newbies

In operating the blog which supports your business, you can make one safe assumption. Most of your customers are newbies. They are new to their online businesses.

Therefore, they will be looking for content aimed at solving specific problems they run into everyday, whether it be slecting a niche or building their first website.

If their business is in the early stages, then they are for sure struggling with the universal problem of getting traffic to their website.

Next, they will be struggling with their email list, and their autoresponder.

The Biggest Secret in Internet Marketing

If you concentrate in helping people overcome these problems so their businesses can get off the ground, you will have plenty of customers.

By offering lots of free help, you will be be building a solid reputation for service, and your business will grow.

So that’s it. The biggest secret in Internet marketing revealed: helping your customers and prospects first and foremost.

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