Twitter Great Traffic Tool

twitter great traffic tool

Twitter is a great traffic tool. By now you know how important it is to promote your own blog. Promotion is what drives most traffic to your site. Using a site like Twitter is the perfect way to get instant traffic in real time.

Over 500 million people have Twitter accounts. One simple tweet can easily be read by millions of potential customers. It’s not as easy as just dropping a link and the title of your particular blog post onto a page. You need to be active and creative when tweeting.

Twitter Great Traffic Tool

Here are a few tips to help you use Twitter to market your own blog, driving more traffic to your website than ever before:

140 characters per tweet

You can only use up to 140 characters in one tweet. Writing short, effective tweets is the best way to promote yourself. Tweets that are under 100 characters usually have a higher interaction rate than longer tweets.

There is no fast rule that says you have to limit yourself to the title of your blog posts. Try writing a short, provocative phrase that quickly captures your readers’ attention.

Play around with your own blog posts, typing up five or so tweets with 10 words or less. Tweet these short phrases to see which one works the best for you.

Quote from your blog

Post a quote from your blog post. This gives your readers a brief taste of what you wish to share on your blog. Quotes on Twitter get retweeted over 50% of the time.

Be sure you retweet

Whenever someone mentions your blog on Twitter, be sure you retweet their tweet. This lets other readers know that there are people reading, enjoying, and sharing your tweets and blog posts.

Ask others to retweet your tweet

You can always ask others to retweet your tweet. Whenever you post a tweet with a link back to your website or blog you should ask for help with retweets. This is a great way to generate more traffic to your blog.


Hashtags – a word or two that follows the # sign – make it easy to follow a common discussion. Be sure to include your own hashtag in your tweets.

You can use a theme specific hashtag to promote your own blog or website. Hashtags can also be used to promote contests or ebooks you may want to be seen by millions.

Or, you can just use general hashtags to share a topic. For example, if you are discussing weather, you might just use #tornado or #blizzard to get others to join in the general discussion.


Using @mentions is a great way to share with just about anyone who uses Twitter. To use @mention you simply write @username (writing the actual username).

You can use @mentions in two ways: if you blog about prominent companies or other bloggers, you can mention them in a tweet that you can then link back to your post – this mention will make these people very happy, oftentimes happy enough to retweet your tweet; or, you can mention people who have commented on your posts – this is just a simple way to show your thanks to all your loyal readers.

Add images

Don’t forget to add images! Pictures can say a thousand words, so be sure to include graphics that enhance your blog post. The more appealing you make your tweets appear, the more people will interact with the image and find their way to your blog. Images are just about the most perfect way to generate quick traffic back to your website.

Ask questions

Ask questions to get readers to connect with you and your blog. Think about what kind of questions you can ask that will have your followers clicking on your link and visiting your blog. Engaging readers is a great way of bringing them into your world.

Running a contest?

Are you running a contest on your blog? Tweet about the contest, adding enticing graphics to get your readers’ attention. Contests are a great way to engage your readers, while giving them an incentive for visiting your blog. What a great way to generate a bunch of traffic!

Your Twitter bio

Don’t forget about your Twitter bio: this is a great place to drop a link to your blog. You can add clickable links in both the ‘about me’ and the ‘content’ sections of your bio.

Drive traffic to your blog by adding these links and a brief note about the content of the blog post. This makes it easy for your followers to quickly reach your page.

Try some, or all, of these Twitter great traffic tools and techniques to see what works best to drive traffic to your blog posts. Taking advantage of Twitter is a great way to generate all the traffic you want, and even more than you ever imagined.

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