Using Emotional Triggers to Sell

Using Emotional Triggers to Sell

Using emotional triggers to sell ensures the use of powerful content. This is key since every online business is only as good as its content. Great content is the foundation of any business; it not only helps build the business, but it helps in establishing your authority within your target audience.

The best reason to put out great content is to convert audiences into future customers. This series will show you how to use your content to convert your audience, and get them to visit your web pages.

Using Emotional Triggers to Sell

Have you ever been in a funk and needed a quick pick-me-up, and gone out and bought yourself a sweet chocolate treat? Your purchase was ruled by your emotional state. Many times we make a purchase based on our feelings. We all have emotional needs: sometimes we buy something in order to stop an emotion, other times we buy something to increase a certain emotion.

Eating chocolate might help you beat the daily afternoon funk. Someone else may purchase the same type of chocolate because eating chocolate increases their fuzzy, warm feelings. Both scenarios use the power of emotion to determine the purchase.

As a business owner, you can use the power of emotions to nudge readers to your website and get them to make a purchase. Become familiar with those who visit your website. Spend time talking to them, asking them what they are looking for.

Once you are aware of their problems and their needs, you can provide a solution for them. Either you sell them your services or products, or you offer them valuable information within your content.

Positive and negative emotions are part of every human life. Each of us make countless decisions throughout the day based on our emotional state. Content writing should awaken emotional responses in your readers. Keep these thoughts in the front of your mind when you start working on any type of content.

Using emotional, thought provoking words in your written content will turn those prospects into new customers. These same emotional words will keep your current customers coming back for more. Using emotions should be something you do from the start of any marketing campaign.

Identifying Emotions

What makes people tick? Why do people contact you, and not someone else? Why are they searching for information that you have? If you spend a lot of time getting to know the people who read your content, and buy your services or products, you will begin to understand them, and get answers to the above questions.

Knowing the emotional responses behind why people choose to do what they do will help you create content that plays upon these emotional needs.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great way for you to learn more about the emotional responses of your target audience. A virtual assistant will spend quality time looking at the social aspects of your prospects and customers.

They will observe and send you a report about the emotional responses they noted in your target group. Whether you are looking for help to run or expand your brand or business, a virtual assistant can easily become a valuable asset to your team.

Once you have a core group of prospects and customers, you can start an email campaign catered to their emotional needs. Learn what your customers like about you, your products, your service, and your business; then ask them what more they would like.

After you pick their minds and tap into their positive and negative energies, you will have a much better understanding of who they are, what they want, and how to go about giving them what they desire. Just by using the power of emotions, you will have no problem converting prospects into paying customers.

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