Using Social Media For List Building

Using Social Media For List Building

Using Social Media For List Building

Using Social Media For List Building. It is very common for online businesses to struggle with mastering the art of social media. The problem is that we are taught to assume that social media marketing is always simple.

After all, we’re communicating on Facebook and Twitter almost constantly. We spend hours chatting with friends and surfing pages every day. Surely, trying to promote a business online can’t be much different?

Well, the reality is that you can have 10,000 Twitter followers, but if they do not engage with your brand, they are not very valuable. If a sizable proportion of these followers are not also clicking through to your website or signing up to your mailing list, they don’t mean much.

The reason why you are not seeing your business grow, even though your followers are multiplying, is because you are not encouraging them to take the right actions. You need to be persuading them to join your mailing list, newsletter, or subscriber’s database.

How to Increase Your Mailing List Subscribers

On busy social media platforms, content rarely lasts. Unless a post goes viral, it’s likely to hang around for a few hours and then drop off the radar. This doesn’t mean that it holds no value, but it does make calls to action really important.

Make the most of your content and start using social media for list building purposes. Let your followers know why exactly they should be signing up to your mailing list. Give them an incentive. Things like free downloadable content and special offers are a really effective way to boost numbers.

The aim is to get as many social media followers as possible to ‘opt in’ to specialized marketing content. If you have permission to email users directly, you can tailor content to suit them. And, you know that they are interested in what you have to say. You don’t have to fight for their attention, because you they have already decided that your brand is engaging.

This means that you can focus on selling your products. You can showcase them fully, because you are not trying to shout at a hundred thousand, potentially, interested people. If you are using social media for list building, your content will have a clear purpose.

Finding a Balance between Value and Promotion

As always, it is essential that you don’t ‘spam’ your followers with the link to a mailing list subscription page. If you post the same link, without relevance or value, many times over, they will simply get bored and switch off.

Instead, engage with your online community. Find out what makes your followers tick or use the help of Explore their likes and dislikes, their concerns, and interests. This is the easiest way to work out what they exactly want. And, once you know that, you can make it a reward for signing up to your mailing list.

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