When Are You Most Productive – Day or Night?

When Are You Most Productive - Day or Night?

When Are You Most Productive – Day or Night? I find that I am most productive in the morning, so long as I am sipping on my first cup of coffee in front of my computer.

I planned my day’s activities the night before. I divided my day into one hour time blocks. I set up 8 time blocks with a few minutes stretch break between each time block. In this manner, I am totally organized for top productivity.

Thus, before I approach my work station, I know exactly what needs to be done today.

Are you impressed?

I hope so! This is what I do every single day to stay organized and super productive.

There’s only one problem!

While I feel most full of energy in the morning, somehow I don’t always follow all the activities I carefully set up the night before.

My first priority is content creation. This may be writing a video script, writing a blog post, or drafting an article for publication.

What’s the problem? As I sit staring at my computer screen, I discover I am facing writer’s block. The words won’t come, even though I have the topic outline in front of me.

So I figure that I don’t have to stick to my daily plan in exactly the order I outlined the night before. I’ll just make a few quick posts on Facebook.

Great idea! Right? Wrong!

More often than not, Facebook is a slippery slope that will consume an excessive amount of your productive time. You’re no doubt well aware of this, probably from personal experience. There are just too many time-wasting temptations in Facebook.

Another weird thing I discovered is that in spite of enjoying the most energy in the morning, my mind seems to suffer from the most distractions.

Yet I know what I planned to accomplish this day.

So the day progresses, getting a few minor things done, including some errands required of normal daily life. The daylight hours slip by quickly.

In my usual routine, I head back to my computer after dinner and a couple of hours of TV.

But this is when a weird thing happens.

As I try to write some notes for future content, without realizing how it happened, I find myself typing fast and furiously, trying to keep up with thoughts and ideas that are flowing effortlessly, and continue for a long time.

When I finally take a breather, it’s past 2:00 AM. At this point, I am physically exhausted, but I feel compelled to finish the piece I am working on.

When I finally stop, I have several pieces of content in draft form, ready for final editing.

So what’s going on here?

It seems that some of us are most productive and creative towards the end of the day, or even late at night.

At first, this discovery can be very disconcerting. It goes totally contrary to the carefully laid out goals set up the night before. This used to bother me a lot. It made me feel weird, and lacking in self discipline.

Later I came across a comment from a guru marketer who admitted to having days when he didn’t feel motivated to get even some of his pressing tasks done in the morning or at any time later in the day. He felt it was best to just take the day off.

What I found most interesting is that he revealed that many other super successful people he knew who work from home suffered from fairly frequent episode of lack of motivation. I guess it’s just part of the human condition.

When Are You Most Productive – Day or Night?

The secret he revealed was to take advantage of those times when the creative juices started to flow, no matter what time of the day it is. And to get the most accomplished during these periods when working and productivity flow easily.

Most productive hours of the day…

So I am done feeling guilty when I can’t follow my scheduled work plan. I now make the most of it when the productive periods come, and productivity just flows naturally and effortlessly.

Why am I most productive at night? The reason doesn’t really matter. I just make the most of it!

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